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These four The Apprentice winners turned £250k prize from Lord Sugar into £12 MILLION last year

THESE four winners of The Apprentice managed to turn their £250,000 prize from Lord Sugar into £12million last year. Some of the brainiest of the bunch were able to use the investments given to them to generate huge profits. They set up their own compan


Inside ‘sugar daddies’ website Seeking Arrangement which offers honest dating… but is actually used to auction young women’s virginity

THE “sugar daddies” website claims to offer honest dating but is really used to auction off the virginity of young women. Seeking Arrangement goes to great lengths to assure its 10 million users from 139 countries that “sugar babies̶


Shocking diagram claims to show exactly how much sugar goes into a jar of Nutella – and you’ll be AMAZED

A REDDIT user has released an image claiming to show the amount of sugar in each jar of Nutella. The picture shows a glass jar, which would usually be full of Nutella, packed with the individual ingredients: palm oil, skim milk powder, cocoa, hazelnuts a


Some bottles of squash almost double in price as new sugar tax kicks in

SOME bottles of squash have almost doubled in price due to the sugar tax. Sainsbury’s one-litre High Juice drinks soared from £1.20 to £2.28 because the levy is applied after the concentrate is diluted. That means customers pay the tax five times over


Burger King customers angry over price rise as chain blames it on sugar tax

DISGRUNTLED customers have accused Burger King of hiking-up prices of Coca-cola and meal deals by as much as 26p due to the sugar tax. Under the new rules, which came into force last week, manufacturers of fizzy and soft drinks are taxed depending on how


Frappucinos, milkshakes and squash could be slapped with sugar tax next as campaigners set their sights on sugary coffee

FRAPPUCINOS, milkshakes and squash could be slapped with the sugar tax next, campaigners have warned. Brits are already being forced to pay more for fizzy drinks from this week as part of a new Government crackdown on obesity. And now sweet coffee drinks


Dr Pepper and Old Jamaica ginger beer have changed their recipes and customers are furious

DR PEPPER and Old Jamaica Ginger beer have changed their recipes and people are livid. Sugar loving fizzy drink fans took to twitter to get their rage out. Fans are furious that both Dr Pepper and Old Jamaica ginger beer have removed the sugar from their


McDonald’s hikes Coca-Cola and meal prices due to sugar tax

MCDONALD’S has pushed up the price of Coca-Cola and meal deals by as much as 12 per cent due to the new sugar tax. Under the new rules which come in today, manufacturers of  fizzy and soft drinks are taxed depending n how much sugar is in their bev


Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy lashes out at Lord Sugar as ‘unhinged’ and ‘pathetic’ after he dared criticise his dad

JEREMY Corbyn’s son Tommy has come out all guns blazing to defend his Dad on Facebook, lashing out at Lord Sugar who called for MPs to sack him. 24-year-old Tommy, who previously worked on his Dad’s leadership campaign, took aim at the Apprent

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What is the People Against Sugar Tax group and what have they said about the new tax on fizzy drinks?

PEOPLE Against Sugar Tax campaigns against what it says are government “food nannies”. Here is all you need to know about the group who opposed to radical new measures introduced to fight obesity. What is the People Against Sugar Tax group? The nation


Peers call for investigation into anti-Semitism on pro-Corbyn Facebook groups

Peers have asked Britain’s top cop to investigate pro-Jeremy Corbyn Facebook groups for anti-Semitic posts. The cross-party team, including Labour peers and ex-donor Lord Sugar, said the rants “stir up racial hatred and pose a possible physical threat


Brits will be forced to pay extra 10p for a can of Coke as experts slam ‘useless’ sugar tax that hurts poor families

A CAN of Coke could rise 10p as the sugar tax starts today. Daniel Pryor of the Adam Smith Institute think tank called the levy “clearly useless”, adding: “There is no evidence it works.” Mr Pryor blasted the sugar tax, saying: “Our poorly-desig


Eleven Jewish peers including Lord Sugar write to Met police chief urging probe on anti-Semitic abuse peddled by hard-left supporters of Jeremy Corbyn

ELEVEN Jewish peers have demanded that police investigate whether Jeremy Corbyn-supporting Facebook groups broke the law with anti-Semitic posts. A cross-party group which includes Apprentice host Lord Sugar argued that the social media pages have been &#


Lord Sugar says Britain needs to ‘get RID’ of Jeremy Corbyn – as Labour boss to meet fuming Jewish leaders in anti-Semitism row

JEREMY Corbyn is “dangerous” and Britain must “get rid of him”, former Labour donor Lord Sugar has blasted. The news comes as the Labour boss is set to meet with Jewish leaders to discuss anything and everything they want to raise


Shake-up as fizzy drinks lower sugar content to beat tax hike

FIZZY drink makers have cut their sugar content to avoid price hikes when the new tax comes in on Friday, a Sun probe shows. Fanta Orange, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Lucozade, Vimto and Ribena will dodge the levy. But Coca-Cola and Pepsi will cost more after boss

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