Florida’s beach owners could soon have the power to close to the public

IF you’re heading off on holiday to Florida you might want to check out beforehand if the beaches you want to visit are actually open. That’s because the Sunshine State could soon be closing a large number of its sandy stretches. Coastal Living report


The secret meanings behind the flight number on your boarding pass

FROM the moment we arrive at the airport until we pick up our luggage at the other end, our flight number guides us every step of the way. But have you ever wondered what this assortment of letters and numbers means? There’s a lot of information hidden

Showbiz & TV

Karren Brady means business in new show Give It A Year

When it comes to business, few people are more qualified to dole out advice than Karren Brady. So Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice adviser – who is the vice-chairman of West Ham United, a Baroness, a bestselling author and a columnist for The Sun – is th


Arsenal ace Alexandre Lacazette wants to win Europa League so Arsene Wenger will stay

FIRED-UP Alexandre Lacazette is eyeing Europa League glory — so Arsene Wenger can STAY at Arsenal. The Gunners have drawn Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals after beating CSKA Moscow 6-3 over two legs. It means they will come up against their old enemy


Do YOU know what the new MOT changes are? 70 per cent of British motorists are confused and don’t understand tough new rules

LESS than a third of British drivers actually understand what will change once new MOT rules come into force next month, a recent study has found. Just 30 per cent of motorists have got their head around the tougher testing which means plenty of unsuspect


What is a proxy war, what happened during the cold war and is there a proxy war in Syria between the US and Russia?

A PROXY war is a tremendously old concept that has been commonplace in international relations for centuries. Here’s a breakdown of what the term means and some of the times they have happened. What is a proxy war? A proxy war is an armed conflict b


Vehicle excise duty changes will almost DOUBLE Treasury road tax income this year – and car CO2 is rising

CAR tax changes are set to double Treasury vehicle excise duty income this year, according to latest figures. Drivers who bought a car after April 2017 now have to pay £140 in the second year – regardless of how polluting the car is. That means the


Some bottles of squash almost double in price as new sugar tax kicks in

SOME bottles of squash have almost doubled in price due to the sugar tax. Sainsbury’s one-litre High Juice drinks soared from £1.20 to £2.28 because the levy is applied after the concentrate is diluted. That means customers pay the tax five times over


What is selective mutism, what are the signs and symptoms of the childhood anxiety disorder, and do adults suffer from it too?

MANY children can be shy in certain social situations – but selective mutism is a lot more extreme than the typical case. The severe situational anxiety disorder, which can affect children and adults, means individuals can’t speak in certain

United Kingdom

Alfie Evans’ life support switch off DELAYED after Pope Francis’ intervention sparks crisis talks – and now tot could go to Italy

BABY Alfie Evans won a dramatic reprieve tonight following intervention from The Pope and an MEP. It means that the hospital keeping him alive on a ventilator will be unable to switch it off, which it had planned to do tomorrow, it was reported. The inter


How to ask your boss for a pay rise as companies race to submit gender pay gap data

THIS week we will learn just how big the difference in pay is between men and women in most UK firms. And it means there has never been a better time for workers to ask for a pay rise. UK companies with 250 or more employees have until midnight tonight to

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