From aubergine schnitzel with warm salsa to French onion soup, here’s how to make veggie meals for under £1

INSTA-CHEF Miguel Barclay shares his tasty and money-saving recipes to help you feel fit throughout the month of January. Why not try his aubergine schnitzel with warm salsa and French onion soup bread bowls this month? Aubergine schnitzel with warm sa


Brexit will mean cheaper clothes and food if the PM gets tough with EU, says Jacob Rees-Mogg

THERESA May has been told she “must be stronger” in her battle for post-Brexit trade deals. Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg wants the PM to resist EU attempts to browbeat her into accepting their terms. He warns her chance of a lucrative deal with the


Shocking levels of sugar in high street hot chocolates exposed

THE tooth is out – hot-chocolate drinks on the high street contain more than TEN teaspoons of sugar. We told yesterday how one from Starbucks aimed at kids has 5tsp or 20g – more than the 19g recommended total DAILY intake for four to six-ye


Shopper finds pink GLITTER jelly at Aldi… and people are freaking out about it

JELLY and ice cream may be a childhood staple, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to a millennial makeover. One beady eyed shopper noticed a very special addition to the traditional Hartley’s jelly recipe on her shopping trip to Aldi


You can now get gin and tonic flavour popcorn – perfect for National Popcorn Day

THERE is a day for everything, and today it’s the turn of POPCORN. National Popcorn Day falls on January 19 of each year, and celebrates all varieties of the moreish snack. While once popcorn was a treat you could only get at the cinema – or


SPAR remove pulled pork from shelves over fears it could cause food poisoning

TWO pulled pork products have been pulled from convenience store shelves over fears they contain salmonella. James Hall, the owners of SPAR, has recalled it’s own brand BBQ pulled pork and Woodland BBQ pulled pork because it could make you violentl


Happy National Popcorn Day 2018! What is it and what other foods are celebrated throughout the year?

ATTENTION popcorn fans! Today is National Popcorn Day and provides the perfect excuse to celebrate the popular treat. So whether you are fan of sweet, salt or just butter-flavoured popcorn, here’s what you need to know about the day… When is


Dad’s lewd acts and starving kids ‘hogtied’ and taunted with food.. shocking new details inside ‘House of Horrors’ revealed

SHOCKING details are beginning to emerge of the torments allegedly suffered by 13 siblings chained up by their parents in a house of horrors. David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested after one of their kids escaped from the family


Cadbury are opening their own newsagents where 10,000 bars of Dairy Milk chocolate will be free

CADBURY are opening their own newsagents – and they’ll be giving away FREE chocolate. The iconic sweets brand announced they are branching in to the world of retail next week with a special three-day pop-up shop that will be stocked with 10,


Greggs is trying to take on Burger King and McDonald’s with its new hot food menu

HIGH street bakery chain Greggs is breaking into the dinner scene with new dishes added to a new evening menu. Famous for it’s steakbakes and sausage rolls, Greggs now wants to feed post-6pm diners a menu of hot food including chicken goujons, pota


Mum hits out after finding bubblegum in pick ’n’ mix bag with a camel’s testicles on its wrapper

A MUM has hit out after finding bubblegum in a bag of pick ’n’ mix sweets  —  with a cartoon camel’s testicles on its wrapper. The unsuspecting mum bought the £1 bag for her two-year-old son, but foun


Dolls bursting out of stomachs and instructions to push in icing… these are the most unappetising baby shower cakes ever

PREGNANCY and child birth might be a miracle, but it’s also an excuse to eat cake… but would you be able to stomach one of these? A new gallery featuring some of the most creative – and seriously unappetising – cakes showcases t


There’s a pink ‘popping’ prosecco egg for Easter… but it doesn’t come cheap

IT may be a couple of months away, but that’s no reason not to get excited about all the Easter chocolate filling up shops. And now luxury chocolate makers Prestat have created the perfect option for fizz loving chocoholics – a Pink Prosecco


Six Greggs sausage rolls and ONE Domino’s pizza… this is what 2,000 calories looks like at your favourite fast food chains

TUCKING in to a cheeky Nando’s may actually be a lot naughtier than you think. Cosmopolitan has revealed what 2,000 calories – the daily recommended allowance for women – looks like at your favourite fast food chains. And, it’s


The misleading food packaging which is guaranteed to leave shoppers hungry

FROM cleverly wrapped goods to misleading caption claims, these are the food packaging fails which are guaranteed to leave shoppers feeling hungry. And it seems everyone’s at it, with big names like Waitrose and Asda being caught out for the tricks


Angel Delight makes MAJOR comeback after receiving a modern makeover

SEVENTIES favourite Angel Delight is pudding on the style — and making a comeback. A modern-day makeover has seen the mousse-like dessert, sold as a dry sachet, relaunched in a single serve pot. Gavin Darby, boss of makers Premier Foods, told the S

United Kingdom

Woman horrified after JustEat delivery driver ‘bombarded her with creepy messages after dropping off food’

A HORRIFIED mum claims a JustEat driver bombarded her with creepy messages after her food was delivered. Michelle Midwinter had just got her meal dropped off when the driver apparently text her saying hello and calling himself a “fan”. The dri


You can now get mermaid croissants coloured with ALGAE

WEIRD food trends are huge on Instagram, and the latest wacky snack is a bright blue croissant made with actual algae. Filled with pink fairy floss cream, the treat promises to be as delicious as it is beautiful. Our Mermaid Croissant is available for pre


What is the white Cadbury’s Creme Eggs competition, what are the prizes and where are the eggs on sale?

CADBURY’S has launched a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style challenge – causing a scramble across the country for rare white chocolate eggs. But how can you find one, and how many white chocolate eggs have been hidden? How lon


This £20 rainbow cutlery set is just like a £160 designer set from Mepra

IRIDESCENT finishes will be big news in 2018 – and you can be on trend for three meals a day for less than twenty quid. Online retailer Studio is selling a 16-piece stainless steel cutlery set that has the trendy rainbow finish, and it’s cur

United Kingdom

Outraged parents drag their kids back inside McDonald’s to apologise after they spat at the manager and threw food

HORRIFIED parents dragged their children back into a McDonald’s and forced them to apologise to the manager they spat at. A group of ten teens are reported to have verbally abused the man at the eatery in Middleton town centre, Greater Manchester.

Showbiz & TV

George Michael secretly donated nearly £500,000 to AIDs charity Project Angel Food after losing lover to disease

GEORGE Michael secretly donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to keep a HIV trust afloat in memory of his first love. The extent of the late singer’s kindness has only come out after his death on Christmas Day 2016, and Project Angel Food has rev


From keema lamb tacos to shrimp poke bowls, we reveal how to make cheap street eats for under £1 a option

A TOP chef has revealed how you can cook cheap street eats for just £1 a head. Miguel Barclay, 37, is the kitchen wizard behind One Pound Meals, using his cookbooks and online presence to share slap-up dinners which won’t break the bank. Keema l


Fancy a cheap Pizza Hut? You can get 41% off food in January

WE’RE all a bit skint in January so any decent sales or offers are most welcome. Pizza Hut is giving diners 41 per cent of all food this month to beat those new year blues – but it’s not available for long so you’ll have to be

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