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Doctors say new Medicaid rules 'like asking people to work with an anchor on their back'

Administration’s policy allows states to impose work requirements for people on Medicaid, meaning sick or injured Americans ‘have to go to work, no matter what’Dr Gary Leroy’s patients are “salt of the earth”: inner-

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Medicaid: Trump opens door for states to take away coverage from out-of-work Americans

Administration unveils major policy shift that could mean millions of Americans could be legally required to hold a job to be on MedicaidMillions who rely on Medicaid, America’s biggest public health insurance program, could be required to have a j

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California in revolt: how the progressive state plans to foil the Trump agenda

From immigration to the environment and recreational cannabis, state leaders and activists are finding paths to circumvent the administration. Will it work? California prides itself on being first with progressive laws on climate change, labor rights and

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California residents airlifted to safety after deadly mudslides – video

At least 13 people have been killed in southern California after heavy rain caused homes to be swept from their foundations by mud and boulders sliding down hills stripped of vegetation by the state's recent wildfiresCalifornia mudslide: at least 13 ki


Sydney trains to be investigated after network meltdown causes transport chaos

Passengers subjected to ‘indefinite delays’ on multiple lines during evening peak due to storm damage and lack of drivers and staffThe New South Wales government has announced a review of the Sydney public transport fiasco that left large chu

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California's marijuana muddle – video explainer

On 1 January, California became the latest state to permit the sale of recreational marijuana in licensed stores. But three days later, the attorney general issued new guidance calling on states to enforce federal drug laws prohibiting the substance. Desp

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