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Failed deal over Dreamers at the heart of US government shutdown

Program to protect young undocumented migrants prompts political showdown and government closureShutdown: anniversary of Trump inauguration marredAs the clock wound toward a shutdown of the federal government on Friday night, a group of young immigrants w

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Immigration policy progress and disaster have become pattern for Dreamers

Negotiations over immigration in America have always been precarious, but Trump has complicated the picture even moreGreisa Martínez Rosas has seen it before: a rare bipartisan breakthrough on immigration policy, offering a glimmer of hope to advocates

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US immigration to resume requests under Dreamers scheme

Resumption follows a judge’s ruling which temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s decision to end the Obama-era programUS immigration authorities will resume accepting requests under the so-called Dreamers scheme that shields young pe

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Trump's 'shithole' remark makes global headlines – but it doesn't quite translate

Some countries struggled to find an appropriate translation for the president’s offensive comments– and others chose to employ the censor’s pencilDonald Trump’s description of Haiti, El Salvador and unspecified African countrie

United States

US ambassador to Panama quits and says he cannot serve under Trump

John Feeley writes letter of resignation and will quit on 9 MarchFeeley says he signed an oath to ‘serve faithfully’ but can no longer do so Related: Donald Trump denies using the phrase 'shithole countries' in immigration talks The US ambass

United States

US immigration agents target 7-Eleven stores in pre-dawn raids

Raids represent largest operation against an employer under TrumpAudits could lead to criminal charges or fines over stores’ hiring practicesUS immigration agents descended on dozens of 7-Eleven stores before dawn on Wednesday in what officials des


PM urged to leave international students out of migration figures

High-profile Tory rebels see need for U-turn as ‘no-brainer’ if Britain wants to send message that it welcomes studentsTheresa May is being urged to remove international students from the net immigration figures by a number of high-profile Co

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