Could Donald Trump's lone ranger approach provide the silver bullet? | Larry Elliott

The president’s rejection of multilateralism is risky but our 70-year-old rule-based system is far from perfectDonald Trump is playing with fire. That thought permeated last week’s spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in W

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Will Sean Hannity's ties to Michael Cohen be his undoing?

The Fox News host is under fire for failing to disclose his relationship to Donald Trump’s lawyer – but he remains one of the network’s biggest starsJudge Kimba Wood had run out of patience. Lawyers for Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s consigliere an

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'It will not be very pleasant,' Iran warns, if Trump sabotages nuclear deal

Foreign minister indicates Tehran could go back to enriching uranium if US president tries to add new conditions to groundbreaking agreementIran’s top diplomat has issued a stark warning to Donald Trump that if he follows through on his threat to scrap

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Trump attacks New York Times journalist over Michael Cohen article

Trump lashed out on Twitter after Maggie Haberman contributed to a story suggesting Cohen might cooperate with federal investigatorsDonald Trump lashed out on Saturday at the New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, after she contributed to a story that


End of the American dream? The dark history of 'America first'

When he promised to put America first in his inaugural speech, Donald Trump drew on a slogan with a long and sinister history – a sign of what was to follow in his presidency“Sadly, the American dream is dead,” Donald Trump proclaimed when he announ

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New York attorney general attempts to circumvent Trump pardon power

Eric Schneiderman wants double jeopardy loophole closedLaw unclear on whether pardoned individual can face state chargesNew York state law must be clarified to ensure anyone pardoned by President Donald Trump may still be charged with violations of state


The Leisure Seeker review – Mirren and Sutherland in syrupy heart-sinker

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland play lovable oldsters on a road trip, with soppy, insufferable resultsHelen Mirren and Donald Sutherland take to the road in this soppy bittersweet heart-sinker – depressing in various intentional and unintentional way

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Trump accuses Stormy Daniels of 'a total con job' with artist's sketch

Drawing purports to show man who threatened porn starPresident makes rare comment about actor who claims affairDonald Trump has said a porn actor is pulling “a total con job” by promoting an artist’s sketch of a man she says threatened her to keep s

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McConnell says he will not allow vote on bill protecting Mueller from firing

Republican Senate majority leader says bill is ‘not necessary’ because Trump will not fire special counsel, despite bipartisan fearsThe Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has said he will not allow a vote on a bill that would protect the special


Abe hopes Trump meeting will bring Japan in from diplomatic cold

Japan’s PM wants assurance his country won’t be overlooked in any North Korea dealBesieged by cronyism scandals that have prompted speculation he will be out of office by early summer, Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, will arrive in the US for ta

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Judge rejects Trump and Cohen's bid to view seized papers before prosecutors

Judge says independent lawyer may be able to check documents for any shielded by attorney-client privilegeAn attempt by Donald Trump and his legal fixer Michael Cohen to gain access to documents seized from Cohen by the FBI before prosecutors can view the

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Trump again calls Comey a 'slimeball' in flurry of furious tweets

Donald Trump’s morning tweet comes ahead of James Comey’s interview with ABC to be broadcast in full on Sunday eveningDonald Trump hit out again at “slimeball” James Comey on Sunday with a characteristic flurry of furious early-morning tweets in w

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Donald Trump praises Syria strikes and declares: 'Mission accomplished'

US president thanks London and Paris for their ‘wisdom and power’ but military action draws mixed reaction in Washington Donald Trump hailed the strikes carried out against Syria by the US, UK and France as “perfectly executed” on Saturday, adding

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Andrew McCabe lawyer considers suing for defamation after Trump tweet

Twitter attack follows watchdog report critical of ex-FBI officialMcCabe issues point-by-point rebuttal to justice department reportA lawyer for fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe said on Friday he was considering filing a defamation lawsuit against

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Trump’s latest tirade suggests he is moving closer to firing Mueller

On Twitter, Trump blamed ‘bad blood with Russia’ on the special counsel investigation and described the atmosphere in the White House as ‘calm and calculated’Judging by six sharply worded tweets starting at sunrise on Wednesday, Donald Trump is ed

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The Cohen raid is a game changer: Trump's reaction tells us so | Lawrence Douglas

In a diatribe of extravagant narcissism the president called the FBI’s raiding of his lawyer’s premises ‘an attack on our country’“It’s a disgrace, it’s frankly a real disgrace. It’s an attack on our country in a true sense. It’s an atta


Donald Trump cancels South America trip

Vice-Ppresident Mike Pence to visit Peru and Colombia in his steadPresident staying ‘to oversee the American response to Syria’The White House announced on Tuesday that Donald Trump will not travel to South America this week as planned. Related: Russi

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Sinclair TV chairman to Trump: 'We are here to deliver your message'

The rightwing broadcaster met Trump at the White House to pitch a potentially lucrative new product to officialsThe chairman of Sinclair Broadcast Group met Donald Trump at the White House during a visit to pitch a potentially lucrative new product to adm


Xi Jinping warns against 'arrogance' amid threat of trade war with US

In Chinese president’s first public remarks since tariff dispute began, he tempers veiled warning to Donald Trump with promise to lower leviesChinese leader Xi Jinping has issued a veiled warning to Donald Trump as the threat of a trade war with the US

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Russia warns US of 'grave repercussions' if it attacks Syria

Tension between US and Russia escalated at a UN security council session over the gas attack in Douma that killed more than 40 peopleThe US and Russia moved closer to direct confrontation over Syria on Monday night as Donald Trump said a decision was immi


What is the Donald Trump v Jeff Bezos feud really about?

Trump’s obsession with Bezos is cutting the value of US tech stocks – and the source of his irritation is more than just ‘an uneven playing field’One is the world’s richest man, the other is the world’s most powerful.Together they are locked i

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Trump's enemy is not your friend: why we shouldn't defend Amazon | Thomas Frank

Why must we choose between the worst president of our lifetimes and one of the most rapacious corporate enterprises in the country?President Trump last week resumed his campaign of critical tweets about the online retailer Amazon, which he accuses of payi

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Roseanne backs Trump. But don’t let that put you off her show | Emma Brockes

After 20 years, the Conners are back – and still funny. This sitcom may provide that rare space where both sides can laughWatching the new season of the TV sitcom Roseanne, which rebooted in the US last month after a 20-year hiatus, has been like findin

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