Kevin McCarthy wants to replace Paul Ryan: Will the far right stop him once again?

So far Republicans have avoided open warfare over who succeeds Paul Ryan. They all fear the answer is Nancy Pelosi


Many mass shootings involve stolen guns: Shouldn’t gun owners keep them locked up?

Survivors of a 2012 Oregon shooting are working for a law requiring safe gun storage. Why is the NRA opposed?


White people in America are sharply divided by education and income: Donald Trump is the result

Non-college-educated white people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Political scientist Brian Schaffner explains why


Who polices the immigration police?

Claims of unjust arrests by ICE agents and cops often disappear into an overwhelmed immigration court system


Puerto Rico hit again: Island suffers massive power outage

The blackout underscores the island’s electrical grid vulnerability since Hurricane Maria


Is this the endgame stage for Trump, or just a trainwreck?

There are four very clear paths to the end of the Trump presidency (the fourth is the most punishing)


Tammie Jo Shults: Meet the pilot with “nerves of steel” who guided the Southwest plane to safety

“This is a true American Hero,” Southwest Flight 1380 passenger Diana McBride Self wrote of the pilot on Facebook


The problem with Facebook’s new “privacy experiences”

Experts say Facebook’s GDPR privacy changes still leave big questions unanswered


Running on the Confederate legacy: Alabama’s GOP governor releases campaign ad in defense of statues

WATCH: Republican Gov. Kay Ivey blasts “out-of-state liberals” who “try to change or erase or tear down our history


Texas showdown: Ted Cruz is now running neck-and-neck with his Democratic rival

Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat challenging Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, is surprisingly close to him in polls, fundraising


Nikki Haley may go the way of Rex Tillerson

Trump has publicly undercut his UN ambassador in a way reminiscent of how he treated his former Secretary of State


Fox News on Hannity’s Cohen conflict: We don’t care

The network prioritizes keeping its top ratings star happy over its responsibility to the public


It’s still Paul Ryan’s party, not Donald Trump’s: President has largely followed speaker’s agenda

Conventional wisdom holds that Trump has reshaped the GOP, but it’s more true that he has remade himself to fit it


Mitch McConnell won’t protect Robert Mueller

The Senate Majority Leader has sent Trump the message that he has the all-clear to fire the special counsel


Here’s what James Comey and Donald Trump have in common: Immense and damaging hubris

Both the damaged, corrupt president and the sanctimonious former FBI chief think they’re smarter than everyone else


Tesla workers say Elon Musk is a union buster. The NLRB just gave their case a boost

The NLRB seems to be making strides against harassment within Tesla factories


Team Trump, lost in space: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross wants a “gas station” on the moon

The administration’s focus on frivolous space travel is amusing. It also distracts attention from real problems


Former first lady Barbara Bush dead at 92

Bush was the wife of the 41st president and the mother of America’s 43rd president


#MeToo isn’t changing low salaries or lousy working conditions for cheerleaders

Bailey Davis’ lawsuit shows how America’s love/hate relationship with cheerleaders leaves them out of #TimesUp


Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke calls himself a geologist, but he has never held a job as one

In more ways than one, Zinke has quietly become one of the most controversial figures in the Trump administration


Judge rules Joe Arpaio’s guilty verdict could stay on the books — despite Trump pardon

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit will appoint a special prosecutor to defend Arpaio’s guilty verdict

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