Indian journalists say they intimidated, ostracized if they criticize Modi and the BJP

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India has constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and by some measures the biggest and most diverse media industry in the world. But journalists here say they are increasingly facing intimidation aimed at stopping them from ru


    U.S. Treasury yield curve flattening to intensify with U.S. pension plan bond-buying

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Corporate pensions are shifting a chunk of their $1.55 trillion in assets into fixed income, which may be sizeable enough to flatten the yield curve further.


      Peak or pause? Global economy's hesitation unnerves markets

      LONDON (Reuters) - World markets entered 2018 speculating that the most synchronized global economic expansion in a decade was about to overheat but growth has since proved underwhelming.


        Shire bid marks Takeda's latest - and biggest - push for global status

        TOKYO (Reuters) - Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd's $64 billion bid for London-listed rare disease specialist Shire Plc bolsters its credentials as Japan's most outward facing drugs firm, a mould-breaking image that has been more than a decade in the makin


          For elderly, opioids tied to higher risk of fall-related injuries and deaths

          (Reuters Health) - Elderly people who are prescribed opioids may be at higher risk for injuries from falls, some of which may be fatal, a Canadian analysis of trauma cases suggests.


            GM Korea averts bankruptcy but how long will it stay?

            SEOUL (Reuters) - General Motors' South Korean unit has averted a bankruptcy filing, but analysts and customers, as well as the South Korean government, are debating how long the loss-making company will remain in business.


              China may backslide on deleveraging if trade war looms

              BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s efforts to reduce its reliance on debt and find a more sustainable route to grow its economy may be derailed by the simmering trade dispute with the United States, economists warn.


                Singapore PM's job: Once decided over cake and coffee, now mulled over for months

                SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singaporeans are not used to uncertainty when it comes to their future political leaders.


                  Japan may soften trade stance as U.S. keeps up pressure

                  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Despite calls to resist protectionism and for the United States to rejoin a multilateral trans-Pacific trade pact, Japan is gradually shifting gear to adjust to a trade environment shaken up by U.S. President Donald Trump.


                    Castro bows out in Cuba but Cold War chill returns with U.S.

                    HAVANA (Reuters) - Raul Castro has stepped down as president and his brother Fidel is dead but U.S. relations with Cuba are frostier than in years, with their reopened embassies nearly empty and President Donald Trump hinting at measures that could furthe


                      Asian oil demand to hit record, but industry can't take eyes off Middle East

                      SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Asian oil demand will hit a record in April just as global crude values are lifted to levels not seen in three years by Middle East supply risks and top exporter Saudi Arabia withholding output and noisily pushing for prices at $80 t


                        Peugeot boss faces toughest adversary yet in IG Metall

                        PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - PSA Group boss Carlos Tavares, whose career has seen him thrash out margin-boosting labor deals for two carmakers in several countries, is now taking on Germany's IG Metall union, which has been the undoing of many a cost cutt

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                          Who's next? Investors seek to purge 'oligarch risk' from Russia portfolios

                          LONDON (Reuters) - "Who's next?" investors in Russia are asking as they scramble to clear their portfolios of "oligarch risk" - holdings in companies that may be next in line for U.S. sanctions after metals company Rusal was targeted last week.


                            U.S. strike on China's ZTE another blow for Qualcomm

                            SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - A move by the United States to ban American firms selling components to the Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corp will also hit a target closer to home: Qualcomm Inc, a U.S. company that is a major supplier of chips for ZTE


                              Castro set to step aside as Cuban president, his reforms incomplete

                              HAVANA (Reuters) - Most of Camilo Condis' family emigrated from Communist-run Cuba to the United States seeking a better life, but the 32-year-old decided to stay after Raul Castro became president a decade ago and promised change.


                                As cancer drug prices climb, value not keeping pace

                                (Reuters Health) - The cost of new anti-cancer drugs increased more than five-fold from 2006 to 2015, but a new analysis suggests that cancer patients and insurers may be getting less for their money.


                                  Redstone weighs CBS-Viacom merger with or without Moonves

                                  NEW YORK (Reuters) - As she seeks to combine CBS Corp and Viacom Inc into a single company, media mogul Shari Redstone risks losing her most talented executive, whose leadership could be critical to ensuring the proposed merger succeeds.


                                    Brazil's Workers Party clings to Lula candidacy

                                    BRASILIA (Reuters) - The jailing of Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has hardened convictions in his Workers Party that he should be nominated to run for president, its senior members said, a plan that may leave the broader left fragmen

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                                      After Parkland shooting, U.S. states shift education funds to school safety

                                      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Before the ink could dry on Florida Governor Rick Scott's signature last month, critics cried foul over the bill he signed into law to spend $400 million boosting security at schools across the state following February's Parkland mass


                                        Chinese real estate firms boost apartment rentals in line with Xi demands

                                        HONG KONG (Reuters) - Major Chinese real estate companies are renting more of the apartments they develop as they respond to President Xi Jinping's demand that China should produce homes to live in not to speculate on.


                                          Deutsche Bank's new CEO takes sober look at 'ugly' investment bank

                                          FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank's new chief executive faces the same strategic problem that has long preoccupied its top management - whether or not to override the rainmakers and big earners at its powerful investment bank to shrink that business.

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