Government shutdown, day 1: Here's where the negotiations stand as DC's leaders cast blame

Among Republicans, momentum built for another temporary plan that would extend funding to Feb. 8.


Because of the shutdown, Trump might not go to Davos, after all

White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney also said Trump would not head to Florida to celebrate the first anniversary of his inauguration.


Trump's border wall is on the table, key Democrats say

The New York Democrat blamed the president for not striking a deal to avoid a government shutdown.


Trump and tech have clashed on immigration, but the H-1B issue might bring them together

Tech companies continue to clash with the Trump administration over immigration policies one year after the inauguration, but they


How Trump's chief of staff, John Kelly, helped to kill a possible deal to fund the government

Kelly called congressional leaders to say President Trump had not reached a deal with Sen. Chuck Schumer.


Deadline to approve government-funding bill passes without a deal

It marks the first shutdown when the same party controls Congress and the White House.

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Majority of Americans say they are satisfied with the economy at levels not seen since dotcom boom, NBC/WSJ poll finds

One in five respondents cited the low unemployment rate and recent stock market records as Trump administration accomplishments.


One Goldman takeover that failed: The Trump White House

Trump remains a provocateur in chief, while the Goldman White House contingent is leaving, The New York Times reports.


Trump lawyer reportedly created an LLC to pay porn star $130,000 for silence on affair

The company, Essential Consultants LLC, was created less than a month before the 2016 election.


What will Trump say at Davos? Six analysts give their predictions

The U.S. leader will take center stage at the annual policy forum in Switzerland.

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Trump administration rolls back more Obama abortion protections

The Trump administration takes two new steps in its ongoing fight against abortion.


Trump's market cheerleading tweets could end up fueling a bubble

No one in his position has ever talked up stocks as much as Donald Trump, and it's worth considering whether it is risking a bubble.

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Trump hasn't attacked drug prices like he promised during his first year in office

President Donald Trump has repeatedly condemned high drug prices, but hasn't done much to lower them one year in office.

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Watch: White House officials speak about the looming government shutdown deadline

Earlier Friday, President Donald Trump urged Senate Democrats to get behind a short-term bill and added, "shutdown coming?"


Trump's approval rating is the lowest for any president one year into his term, NBC/WSJ poll says

Trump has only a 39 percent approval rating in the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, while 57 percent disapprove of his job.


Here are some explosive allegations from the latest testimony on the Trump dossier

The House Intelligence Committee released the testimony from the co-founder of the firm behind the Trump dossier.


Trump is 'determined to bite somebody, and China is the most likely target,' trade expert says

Trump said the U.S. was considering a big "fine" as part of a probe into China's alleged theft of intellectual property.


What happens during a US government shutdown

President Trump and GOP leaders are racing to meet the deadline prevent a government shutdown.


Donald Trump is the only person in Washington who doesn't seem worried about a shutdown

In a speech in Pittsburgh on Thursday, the president did not mention the potential closure of the federal government.


Cramer tracks 4 growing market discrepancies: Rates, Trump, cryptocurrencies and stocks

Jim Cramer tapped into four conflicting arguments in the stock market that are dominating the tape.


Trump personally ordered restrictions on Bannon's testimony, report says

A legal argument formed the basis of Trump's decision to restrict Bannon's testimony.

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Trump says shutdown could happen: 'It's up to the Democrats'

"CHIP should be part of a long term solution, not a 30 Day, or short term, extension!" the president tweets.


Labor shortage and material costs worsened in 2017 under Trump

CNBC's Diana Olick reports on the impact for homebuilders under President Trump in his first year in office.

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Tech giants are calling on Trump to preserve an immigration policy for spouses of skilled workers

Their top lobbying organizations fear the end of the program is imminent, Recode reports.


Trump administration's infrastructure plan takes shape, focusing on state, local, and private financing

The Trump administration is finalizing its infrastructure plan, which would push most project financing to private investment, and state and local taxpayers.

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