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Mortgage rates hit their highest point since last month in a 'threatening' move

Mortgage rates, which loosely follow the 10-year Treasury, hit their highest level since the end of March.

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AT&T CEO testifies that the company's bid for Time Warner would benefit consumers

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said his company's bid to buy Time Warner would better serve customers by lowering pay TV rates, contradicting government arguments that claim it would raise prices.


There are good reasons to put money in emerging markets — despite higher rates, says bond strategist

The growth story in emerging markets is one that cannot be ignored, Gareth Nicholson, head of fixed income at Bank of Singapore.


Upcoming Federal Reserve decisions will be good for equities, J.P. Morgan Asset Management says

The U.S. Federal Reserve is increasing rates and this is going to boost equities, said J.P. Morgan Asset Management.


Fed's Evans backs 'patiently' raising interest rates in absence of inflation

Rates can go up in a gradual manner without causing the economy to overheat, Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said.


There may be a way for India to achieve double-digit economic growth

India could potentially hit double-digit growth rates, according to one business leader.


We’ve seen a slowdown at the top end of the housing market, says economist

Aaron Terrazas, Zillow senior economist, discusses the shortage of affordable housing as mortgage rates are on the rise.


No relief in sight: Housing affordability is weakening at the fastest pace in a quarter century

Rising home prices, rising mortgage rates and rising demand are colliding with a critical shortage of homes for sale.

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Former Speaker Boehner: Deficit will be 'number one issue' in six months

Boehner said the normalization of interest rates would have a "whipsaw effect" on the deficit.

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Fed's Kashkari: We're not going to keep interest rates low to help the government run up debt

Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari said national debt concerns are not a factor the Fed weighs when deciding rates.


China may be leading in payments, but it is set for further growth in fintech, says an entrepreneur

China already has one of the highest fintech adoption rates, according to a 2017 report by consultancy EY.

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House GOP wants to set a vote to make individual tax cuts permanent

The GOP is drafing legislation to make permanent the reductions to individual tax rates, according to two sources.

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