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Earnings dominate the week ahead, but interest rates could be a big deal after bond market crushing

Earnings news could help boost stocks in the coming week, but a bigger story may be the move higher in bond yields.


Cramer: The Amazon Prime rate bump is a clarion call to buy the stock

Jim Cramer explained why buying shares of Amazon when it raises subscription rates is a winning strategy.

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Rising mortgage rates could mean even fewer homes for sale this spring

The spring housing market is just around the corner and this year it will be more competitive than ever.


Mortgage rates on the rise in 2018

CNBC's Diana Olick takes a look at the breakout in mortgage rates this year and what it means for the Spring housing market.


Cramer tracks 4 growing market discrepancies: Rates, Trump, cryptocurrencies and stocks

Jim Cramer tapped into four conflicting arguments in the stock market that are dominating the tape.


Mortgages applications up 4.1% for the week

CNBC's Diana Olick reports the latest data on mortgage applications as interest rates rise.


Mortgage applications rise 4.1% as borrowers see last chance for lowest rates

The rise in mortgage applications last week doesn't make sense — unless you factor in fear.


Verizon gets downgraded on fears higher rates will kill dividend yielding stocks

MoffettNathanson lowers its rating for Verizon shares to neutral from buy.


For tech companies like IBM, their tax rates may go up this year under the new bill

IBM could face complications because of recently passed tax reform legislation, Bernstein analysts say.


Corporations may dodge billions in US taxes through new loophole

The loophole involves the tax rates - 15.5 percent or 8 percent - that companies must pay on $2.6 trillion in profits they are holding abroad.


Treasury Secretary Mnuchin applauds Walmart for wage increase

Mnuchin said the "most important issue" is for companies, like Walmart, to raise their own pay rates over time.


Legendary investor Bill Miller: Market could be headed for a 'melt-up' of 30%

A rise in rates will actually help stocks, according to legendary investor Bill Miller.

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Interest rates shoot higher amid worries the central bank easy money party is over

The bond market is getting a wake up call from central banks that the era of easy money and super low interest rates is coming to an end.


It'll be another weak year for the US dollar, Goldman Sachs predicts

The U.S. currency is set for another soft year despite a hawkish Federal Reserve that could hike interest rates up to four times.


Biotech and pharma firms like the US tax law — but not because of their new rates

Many pharma firms won't gain much from the new tax rate, but they'll benefit from being able to access overseas cash.


Williams paints benign picture of Fed rate hikes, strong US economy

The Federal Reserve should raise interest rates three times this year given the already strong economy will get a boost from tax cuts.


Cable rates keep rising, but you might not have to pay up

Over the past decade, prices for TV service have risen almost twice as fast as inflation.

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