The House appears to have the support to avoid a government shutdown — the Senate is another story

Ryan's comment came as doubts emerged about the Senate's ability to approve the same short-term funding legislation.


Republicans and Democrats throw blame as Congress barrels toward possible government shutdown

Parts of the government will shut down if Congress cannot pass a spending bill by the end of Friday.


Trump claims Democrats 'want to shut down the government' as deadline looms

Congress now has four days to pass a spending bill to yet again avoid a government shutdown at the last minute.


Paul Ryan says he doesn't think the House will pass entitlement reform this year

Paul Ryan said Friday he does not think the chamber will pass entitlement reform — one of his major goals — this year.


Waste Management to give some employees $2,000 in bonuses following tax bill passage

CEO Jim Fish said in a statement the company wanted to pass on the tax benefit to its employees.


More than 100 CEOs pressure Congress to pass immigration bill by shutdown deadline

IBM, General Motors, Facebook and Target among companies calling for a solution for "Dreamers."


Here's how 'Senator Romney' can fix Obamacare

Romney should use his likely future Senate seat to pass an Obamacare replacement and not bash Trump, says Jake Novak.

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