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What Oliver And Diggle’s Big Fight Means For Arrow, According To David Ramsey

David Ramsey spoke with CinemaBlend about how that big Arrow fight will continue to impact the show.


What Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Final Shot Really Means, According To Mark Hamill

Rian Johnson's film is controversial pretty much right up until the final shot. Luke Skywalker himself offered his take on what that final shot means.


New Steam Update Means The End Of Steam Spy

One of the most valuable resources online when it comes to measuring PC video game sales on Steam is Steam Spy. The service allows anyone to view ownership and engagement data for games released on Steam. Well, following a recent update, Steam Spy is prac


How Samuel L. Jackson Feels About Black Panther's Impact On Hollywood

The runaway success of Black Panther is viewed by many as a huge moment in cinema for its representation of black actors on screen. Samuel L. Jackson has his own opinion on what Black Panther means in the big picture.


The Confusing Ready Player One Riddle, And What It Actually Means

Ready Player One is all about solving puzzles in order to win a video game contest. However, one of those puzzles isn't given much attention, which is too bad, because it's really fun to solve.


5 Coolest Moments In Ready Player One

This video game world combined with the near unlimited use of pop culture icons means that a good amount of cool stuff happens in this movie and these are just five of what we think are the coolest in no particular order.

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