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What That Shocking Grey’s Anatomy Twist Means For One Character Moving Forward

It looks like Grey's Anatomy's midseason premiere is just the tip of the iceberg for one character.

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What The Blacklist's Big 100th Episode Heist Means For The Rest Of Season 5

The Blacklist just aired its milestone 100th episode, and the events will impact have to impact the rest of Season 5 in some big ways.


Tom Cruise Is Already Back To Filming Crazy Stunts For Mission Impossible 6

It's been five months since Tom Cruise broke his ankle doing stunts for Mission: Impossible 6. Now he's healed, which, of course, means he's back at work filming more stunts for Mission: Impossible 6.


Pokemon Go Is Ending Support For Older iPhone And iPads

Niantic Labs has been upgrading and updating Pokemon Go throughout the years since its release, adding new functionality, expanding the way content is acquired, replacing the map system, and even changing up the AR features. Well, all of these upgrades co


Even Daisy Ridley Is Confused About Leia's Force Sensitivity

While there are many different opinions about the relative quality of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there's one particular sequence that has been getting a lot of flack from viewers, and it turns out we're not the only ones who aren't sure what it means.

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2018 Golden Globes: TV Winners Updated Live

A new year has dawned and that means that award season is once again upon us! It's time for the 2018 Golden Globes, and you can get a live, updated list of all the winners right here while the show airs.


How The Last Jedi Made The Force Conversations Seem So Real

Star Wars: The Last Jedi took the idea of using the Force as a means of mental communication to the next level. Now, we've learned some new details about how that was done in order to make the scenes feel so connected.


Lindsay Lohan Is Campaigning To Play Joss Whedon’s Batgirl

There are a lot of comic book movies on the horizon, which means there are a lot of comic movie roles out there that need to be filled. Lindsay Lohan would like one of them, please.

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