A Walking Dead Movie? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

Wondering if a film based on the world of The Walking Dead could ever happen? Here's what Scott Gimple had to say.


Why Rampage Works Better Than Other Video Game Movies

Rampage is the number one movie at the box office and it's also doing better with critics than any other movie ever made based on a video game. Why did this one work when so many others have failed?


The Rock Takes A Shot At Doom, Gets Called Out By Doom's Twitter Account

Whatever metric you use, Rampage is already one of the more successful movies based on video games ever made. Recently, Dwayne Johnson pointed this out, in a way which upset another video game based film he once made.


A New BioShock Game May Be On The Way

Based on the latest rumors, it looks like a new BioShock game could very well be in development.

TV & Radio

Lorena Bobbitt Is Getting A Docu-series Now, Because Why Not?

A docu-series based on Lorena Bobbitt's story is happening. Yes, really.


Rampage: What You Need To Know About The Games Before The Movie

The Rock's next blockbuster is based on a video game, but not a recent one. So here's a rundown on the video game series that inspired the movie.

TV & Radio

Another Bill Clinton-Focused TV Project Just Got Scrapped

A second TV project based on the Bill Clinton sex scandal has been cancelled.


Why Dwayne Johnson Wanted To Make Rampage Into A Movie

Dwayne Johnson recently opened up and explained why making a movie based on the Rampage games was so important to him.

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