BlizzardWorld Theme Park Map Makes Us Wish We Could Buy Tickets

While an actual theme park based on Blizzard Entertainment properties doesn't exist, there is a new purchasable print featuring BlizzardWorld, a fictional theme park based on Blizzard properties.


50 Cent Wants To Make Another Video Game

If 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand wasn't enough to quench your thirst of rapper-themed action games from nearly a decade ago, well you're not alone, because rapper 50 Cent seems to feel the same way. In fact, he's not against having a third game based around


Dead By Daylight Is Adding The Saw Franchise

Dead by Daylight is gearing up to drop its eleventh killer into the multiplayer horror romp and, based on a new teaser trailer, we've got a pretty good feeling that it's another face from the silver screen.


The Incredibles May Be Pixar's First LEGO Game

While plenty of folks are excited to see The Incredibles 2 when it hits theaters this summer, it looks like Pixar's power-packed family will be visiting the small screen this year, too. Based on the latest rumors, the series is also due for a LEGO game tr


The Newest Nintendo Direct Lays Out The Early 2018 Switch Schedule

We knew that a Nintendo Direct was likely on the horizon and then, this morning, a brief broadcast dropped out of nowhere full of new game announcements. Based on what we're seeing, the first half of 2018 is looking pretty solid for the Switch.


Ready Player One Movie: What We Know So Far

Any Steven Spielberg movie is a big deal, and every movie based on a best-seller with a rabid fanbase is a big deal. And it just so happens, the director's next movie is based a hugely popular novel. Here's everything we know about Ready Player One so far


EVE Developer Is Working On A Brand New MMO

CCP, the team behind the popular space MMO, EVE Online, appears to be gearing up to dive into development of their next game. And based on a recent job posting, it sounds like it's going to be another MMORPG.

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