Overwatch pro player suspended over homophobic slur

Felix Lengyel has been suspended by the Overwatch league and Dallas Fuel, and fined $2,000.


UKIP AM Michelle Brown to face committee over racial slur

Michelle Brown will be questioned on Tuesday over a racial slur she used to describe a Labour MP.

United States

Donald Trump escalates feud over 'racial slur'

The US president says he has been "totally misrepresented" by others saying he used a racial slur.

United States

Donald Trump must apologise for comments - African Union

The African Union, representing 55 member states, is furious over a reported slur by the US leader.

United States

Was Trump's alleged slur actually racist?

A campus dean and a conservative pundit joust over whether Trump's reported statement was bigoted.


President Trump honours MLK amid 'racist slur' controversy

At an event honouring Martin Luther King Jr, Donald Trump was asked about an alleged "racist slur".


Trump denies crude slur against migrant countries

He says his language about countries of origin was misreported but admits it was "tough".

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