United Kingdom

Blue badge scheme could be extended to autism and dementia sufferers

People with autism and dementia could qualify for the new badges across England.


Kabul: Afghan forces seek to end Intercontinental Hotel siege

Gunmen are said to be holed up in the hotel, hours after storming it and killing several people.


Long tailbacks at Scottish ski resorts

Police are reporting traffic jams up to six miles long as people try to make the most of the cold snap.


Syria conflict: 15 refugees found frozen to death

Children were among the 15 people who died trying to cross from Syria into Lebanon in a snowstorm.

United Kingdom

Boxer Bradley Smith: 'How anxiety nearly ruined me'

Bradley Smith, 20, from St Ives, people should talk more about mental health.


Huge Brazil rubbish dump closes after six decades

Its closure is likely to have an impact on a nearby favela as many people there rely on scavenging.


Nigel Farage Says Claims He Secretly Passed Data To Julian Assange Are 'Conspiratorial Nonsense'

'There was a somewhat unacknowledged relationship between the Trump people and the Ukip people.'


Global Beats: Senegalese musician Jahseen

Senegalese musician Jahseen wants to challenge what people around the world consider to be Senegalese music.

United States

Las Vegas shooting: Police say gunman's girlfriend won't face charges

Police say they still don't know the motive for October's mass shooting that left 58 people dead.

United Kingdom

Becoming an adult - what it means to you

Adolescence now lasts until 24, say some scientists, with people delaying marriage and parenthood.


The May-Macron Sandhurst Treaty: Barbed Wire And Empty Promises

The current Conservative government has been obstructive and reprehensible in its duty of care towards people it is supposed to help


The homeless people living on the streets of Bristol

From the benefit trap to Spice - why people are trapped sleeping rough in Bristol.


Travel warning issued as snowy conditions continue

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf has warned people to think carefully before travelling.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's first 'social supermarkets' to open

Five social supermarkets are to open in Northern Ireland to help people struggling with food poverty.


Car hits pedestrians near Rio's Copacabana beach

A baby dies and 15 people are hurt when a car hits crowds on a promenade near Copacabana beach.

United Kingdom

ATM shake-up could leave many without cash, consumer group warns

People in remote areas could be left with little or no access to cash, says consumer group Which?


Over 400 arrests in drink-driving crackdown in Wales

A Christmas campaign saw hundreds of people arrested for drink and drug driving across Wales.


'Rude' Oxford hospitals parking staff to undergo training

The "conflict resolution training" is to help staff deal better with vulnerable people, the trust says.


Kazakhstan accident: Bus fire kills 52

Five people survived the accident on the bus, thought to have been carrying many Uzbek nationals.


Redcar SSI closure recovery 'long and challenging'

But the task force set up after 2,200 people lost their jobs in 2015 says a "good start" has been made.


Naked Auschwitz demonstrators who killed sheep convicted

The group of 12 people killed a sheep, undressed, and chained themselves up at the former Nazi camp.

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