'Aliens' leave THIS shocking pattern on field in bizarre Google Maps shot

A BAFFLED bloke believes he has discovered alien patterns in a strange snap from Google Maps.


‘Time traveller’ REVEALS what happens to money in year 4000

A SUPPOSED time traveller has revealed what happens to currency in the distant future.


Antarctica's mysteries SOLVED? Expert lifts lid on 'UFOs and Nazi bases' on Google Earth

ANTARCTICA’S most mind-boggling mysteries found on Google Earth may finally have been solved, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal.


Bloke spots 'ghost of young boy' crouching near house in haunting Google Maps image

A HORRIFIED fella believes he has spotted the ghost of a young boy in a disturbing snap from Google Maps.


Take a 360° tour of HMS Belfast as D Day warship marks 80th anniversary

Blasts from HMS Belfast's six inch guns rang out across London as war heroes who served on the historic warship boarded the vessel once again.


Senator who votes with Trump 85% of time disses Trump

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake says Trump is ruining the party. Weird, because they almost always agree


Has a war in SPACE begun? Shock activity on Sun's surface sends conspiracists into frenzy

FOOTAGE has emerged proving a space war is already being fought — according to online conspiracists.


We test weird hot cross bun fillings from melted cheese to chicken tikka — and rate them out of five

YOUR favourite Easter snack is getting a weird and bun-derful makeover. Hot cross buns filled with melted Cheddar, dollops of Brie and salted caramel will be sold in Selfridges from next Monday – but you will have to fork out a hefty £6 to try them. No


Horrifying moment ‘ghost train picks up passenger’ and disappears into ‘parallel universe’

BIZARRE footage has emerged appearing to show the apparition of a train pulling into an empty platform.


Sexbot Britain: One in three Brits would have SEX with a ROBOT

ONE in three randy Brits would have no-strings sex with a robot.


Loch Ness 'ASTRONAUT' spotted looming over bridge in bizarre snap

A SNAPPER claims to have captured an astronaut looming over a bridge in Loch Ness.


Nibiru spotted from SCOTLAND? Chilling clip 'PROVES' Planet X is heading to Earth

ASTONISHING footage has emerged that proves that the mysterious Planet X is heading to Earth — according to online conspiracists.


MUTANT lamb with two heads born days after birth of PIG with human-like face

A MUTANT lamb with two heads has stunned locals in China – just days after a pig with human-like features was discovered.


Underwater city costing $26 BILLION to be ready for human residents in 12 years

AN UNDERWATER city costing billions of dollars will be ready for its first human inhabitants in just 12 years, it has been reported.


ALIEN life breakthrough? Boffins discover 15 new planets including habitable SUPER-EARTH

THE search for alien life just got a massive boost after boffins discovered a super-Earth which could have oceans among 15 new planets.

Life & Style

Telltale signs your neighbours are swingers - the secret signals and items to look out for

Apparently swingers have a wide variety of ways of identifying themselves to other swingers


‘They are conscious’ Time traveller reveals chilling BOMBSHELL on future AI relationships

A MAN who claims to be from the year 2118 has revealed a huge bombshell about artificial intelligence. 


Huge 'ALIEN formations spotted towering over mountains' in chilling Google Maps snap

A SHOCKED woman claims to have spotted enormous alien formations towering over a mountain on Google Maps.


Strange encounter with UFO EXPOSED by chilling audio tapes from passenger jets

A SERIES of bizarre events in the sky have been revealed by air traffic control audio recordings involving American passenger jets at high altitudes.


Did Google Earth just uncover ALIEN life in Antarctica? ‘UFO crash landing site’ SPOTTED

A SECRET alien base could have just been exposed from under the ice of Antarctica, after a conspiracy theorist claims to have discovered a crashed UFO.

United States

'Weird Baby' Snake With 2 Eyes In Same Socket Freaks Python Breeder

A Mississippi python breeder witnessed the birth of a mutant cyclops snake with two eyes in the same socket and no functional snout. In an interview with Newsweek magazine Monday, Tyree Jimerson said he and his wife were helping a batch of eggs hatch earl

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