US stocks could slide 30 to 40 percent on interest rate volatility, wealth manager predicts

Interest-rate volatility could produce a substantial decline in U.S. stocks, says Rainer Michael Preiss.


9 Global Equity Averages Prove The 'Power Of The Pivots'

The major equity averages from around the world are not in sync technically, but it’s clear that years of a bull market for stocks have ended. The question remains, how long will this random up and down volatility will continue?


GOLDMAN SACHS: A steadfast source of stock market turmoil is poised to make a comeback

There's been no shortage of news to scare investors this year, from US trade policy to interest rates.  And now, Goldman Sachs' equity strategists have flagged another source of volatility that's set to be amplified in the coming months.  Near


Dangers of Everything Becoming a Tech Company

Tobacco stocks are supposed to be low volatility. But add a dash of tech and it all changes.


What's behind the big commodities rally, and why it could be just getting started

The geopolitical turbulence and volatility putting downward pressure on stocks is working out just fine for commodities.


Why Volatile Markets Are Good News for Careful Investors

Managing money involves a balancing act that trades off risk against return. This year is proving more challenging, with stocks and bonds swinging about. But it also shows how a return to a more normal level of market volatility might be good news for car


Stock Market Seems Directionless, Volatility Low As Investors Await News

It’s a quiet morning for the U.S. stock market. Futures are down a bit and volatility is muted as investors apparently are looking for news to trade on.


Morgan Stanley: Next 3 months for Tesla are the 'most critical' in 6 years and it could go either way

Morgan Stanley tells Tesla shareholders to brace for more volatility in the company's stock.


Morgan Stanley profit beats estimates on trading boost

(Reuters) - Morgan Stanley posted a better-than-expected first-quarter profit on Wednesday, as its trading business drew strength from increased market volatility in line with other major banks.


Goldman trumps profit estimates as bond trading shines

(Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc blew past Wall Street's expectations for quarterly profit on Tuesday, as volatility in global markets powered a surge in bond and stock trading.


Here's what investors are getting wrong about volatility and equity returns

Spencer Platt/Getty Images The VIX measures implied volatility of the S&P 500.  It reflects volatile movements in the index, so the correlation between the two isn't a surprise.  But it doesn't necessarily mean something for future returns.


JPMorgan's Record Q1 Performance Demonstrates Its Growth Potential

JPMorgan Chase comfortably beat the already high investor expectations for its first quarter results late last week – as the diversified banking giant made the most of increased volatility across global capital markets to report extremely strong trading

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Stop the market! I want to get off! Volatility is back

The stock market has taken investors for a wild ride this year.

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'Bottom being put in place' in S&P 500: Wall Street analyst

Investors should use the volatility in the stock market as a buying opportunity, at least in the short run, says analyst.


How a volatility virus infected Wall Street

Back in February, a few small funds collapsed and had a ripple effect on the stock market. The FT reports how that could've happened.


The market is underestimating how great earnings will be, JP Morgan says

Profits that are even better than anticipated will help steady market volatility and boost share prices, according to J.P. Morgan.


Expect volatility in the oil markets ahead: Strategist

While Syria and the Middle East represent potential high risk events, investors should remember that the volatility that we're seeing is not unusual, says Patrick Chovanec of Silvercrest Asset Management.


Fed: Investors taking market volatility 'in stride'

Federal Reserve officials have been watching stock market volatility with a careful eye, according to the latest meeting minutes.


Stocks haven’t seen this much volatility since the financial crisis

Investors were anticipating a more volatile 2018, but few expected the severity and frequency of this year's swings.


Russia vows to curb U.S. sanctions fallout, shrugs off ruble fall

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Russian government pledged to minimize the fallout from U.S. sanctions on Tuesday and dismissed sharp falls in the ruble and financial markets as short-term volatility, saying Russia needed time to adjust to the new curbs.


The market's most outspoken bear sees recent turbulence fueling his forecast of a 60% stock drop — and says it's too late to get out

John Hussman, the outspoken investor and former professor that's been calling for a stock market crash, has recalibrated how he looks at his forecast. Recent market volatility resulting from rising trade-war fears has poured fuel on the fire for his lates


An Alternative View of Q1 Volatility -- Time For Commodity Comeback?

The SP500 had 23 daily moves of 1% or more in the first quarter compared with just 8 such days for all of 2017. The performance of the alternatives themselves is fairly revealing. Could the markets be sniffing out the return to some higher levels of infla

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BofA market analyst Hartnett pins 'simple reason' for market woes on the Fed

Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist Michael Hartnett sees the Fed as the real source of market volatility.

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