To treat or not to treat: find out what really matters to the patient

Informed consent is a tenet of a good doctor-patient relationship, particularly when it comes to the elderly“What do you want?”“Whatever you say, doctor.” Continue reading...


When is Britney Spears’ 2018 UK tour? Tickets, dates, venues and prices for the Britney: Piece of Me shows

BRITNEY Spears has announced that she will be bringing her Piece of Me show to the UK. The Princess of Pop is embarking on another worldwide tour, where she’ll treat fans to performances of some of her greatest hits. When is Britney Spears’

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The psychedelic renaissance: Can Ecstasy really be used to treat mental illness?

The US and Canada could be three years away from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Experts at top institutions say psychoactive substances may be the future of mental health treatment.


Warner Bros. Hopes 'Aquaman' Won't Need To Be A Sink-Or-Swim Movie

If enough of their pre-summer and pre-holiday biggies score, Warner Bros. will be able to treat 'Aquaman' as just another franchise title.


Plus-sized babe Tess Holliday shares saucy lingerie video 'for her husband’ on Instagram

CURVACEOUS queen Tess Holliday uploaded a seriously saucy video to her Instagram, showing her posing in lingerie as a treat for her husband.


A psychedelic trip could tackle depression in a way that antidepressants can't

Psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD have been studied with renewed attention in recent years for their potential to help treat depression and anxiety.


You can now get gin and tonic flavour popcorn – perfect for National Popcorn Day

THERE is a day for everything, and today it’s the turn of POPCORN. National Popcorn Day falls on January 19 of each year, and celebrates all varieties of the moreish snack. While once popcorn was a treat you could only get at the cinema – or


Happy National Popcorn Day 2018! What is it and what other foods are celebrated throughout the year?

ATTENTION popcorn fans! Today is National Popcorn Day and provides the perfect excuse to celebrate the popular treat. So whether you are fan of sweet, salt or just butter-flavoured popcorn, here’s what you need to know about the day… When is


Incredible 50,000 people queue up for new credit card that charges you NOTHING on holiday

We take a look at why adults are treating the release of a new credit card the same way teens treat the announcement of a new Bruno Mars gig


What Jeff Sessions doesn’t understand about medical marijuana

Patients in 29 states can legally use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms


You can now get mermaid croissants coloured with ALGAE

WEIRD food trends are huge on Instagram, and the latest wacky snack is a bright blue croissant made with actual algae. Filled with pink fairy floss cream, the treat promises to be as delicious as it is beautiful. Our Mermaid Croissant is available for pre


Carluccio's launch £1 meals to help you curb the January blues - here's how to claim yours

Why scrimp on lunch this month when you can treat yourself to a tasty Italian on the cheap?


Human antibodies made in cows could be developed to treat MERS

LONDON (Reuters) - Human antibodies made in genetically engineered cows have proved safe in an early stage clinical trial, U.S. scientists said on Wednesday, and could be developed into a treatment for the fatal viral disease, MERS.


Jeremy Kyle viewers sickened after guest accuses his ex of 'using Toffee Crisp wrapper as a condom'

Viewers were put off the delicious chocolate treat for life - but Jeremy was just pleased the man had 'wrapped it in something'

United Kingdom

Nurses forced to treat patients in car park as NHS hospital crisis continues

Some are spending all day working in the car park, a nurse has said.


Sanofi and Regeneron boost investment in cancer drug cemiplimab

PARIS (Reuters) - France's Sanofi and U.S Regeneron said on Monday they would inject an additional $1 billion in the development of cemiplimab, an antibody that could, if successful, be used to treat a wide range of cancers.

Showbiz & TV

James Norton fans given a treat as the star whipped his top off in McMafia scenes

FANS of James Norton got a treat last night as the hunky actor stripped off four times in last night’s episode of BBC1’s McMafia. In one lengthy scene, the camera lingered on him as he basked in the sun in the South of France wearing nothing


Nine Easy Ways To Get Into Ethical Fashion

“Treat others as you wish to be treated.” It’s a simple philosophy, and you’ve probably heard it a million times - I know I heard it more than enough when I was growing up.It&r...

Life & Style

Fix arthritis with LIPOSUCTION - new treatment promises to heal painful joints with injections of tummy fat

Lipogems uses the natural healing cells in fat to treat arthritic knees and feet - and Mirror journalist Lynne Hyland was among the first in the UK to try it

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