Tide Pod challenge teens warned dangerous internet craze could destroy your insides and knock you out

TEENS have been warned that taking part in the “Tide pod challenge” that is sweeping the internet could ruin their insides and knock them unconscious. The new craze sees young people gorging on the colourful capsules that are generally used to

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Tide Pods: P&G's big innovation gone wrong

Tide Pods upended the laundry business, but now they're drawing attention for an unexpected purpose: People are eating them.

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This year's 'best' trades still deeply in the hole as crowd rushes in

Large-cap and growth stocks continue to beat small-caps and value, even though everyone thought the tide would turn this year.

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Donut Shop Creates Edible Version Of Tide Pods

A Hurts Donut branch in Witchita, Kansas, aimed to make the "Tide Pod Challenge" safe for consumption by transforming it into an edible donut.

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YouTube bans Tide Pod challenge videos

"What the heck is going on, people? Use Tide Pods for washing. Not eating."


Keep out of reach of … teenagers? YouTube pulls Tide pod videos

YouTube is pulling Tide pod challenge videos as Poison Control reports a spike in the number of teenagers ingesting the packets. In a little over two weeks, the number of reports already equals the total numbers for 2016.


Tide Is Telling People to Call Poison Control After Doing the Tide Pod Challenge

People are eating, or pretending to eat, laundry detergent pods as a joke

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Tide responds to the Pod Challenge

Branding expert Bruce Turkel says Tide needs to change their product after teens began eating their laundry detergent in search of online fame.


Tide Pod challenge: YouTube blocks videos after poisoning fears

American teenagers have been swallowing laundry detergent and posting videos online as part of a challenge.


YouTube is pulling Tide Pod Challenge videos

 YouTube appears to be trying to get ahead of any wider societal outcry over (yet more) algorithmically accelerated idiocy on its platform — and is removing Tide Pod Challenge videos.Read More

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Missouri doughnut shop's 'Tide Pod Challenge' treat goes viral

They made a doughnut to look like a Tide pod so people stop eating the potentially harmful laundry detergent.


YouTube will start removing videos of teens eating washing tablets in 'dangerous' new craze

The craze began last year when a student filmed himself munching on Tide Pods, and over the last month, the 'Tide Pod Challenge' has taken off


YouTube Is Taking Down ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ Videos

At least 39 people have eaten the colorful laundry detergent pods


Pope seeks to turn tide of Chilean church bruised by scandal

Pope Francis' visit to Chile was always going to be fraught, but it has taken on an unprecedented degree of opposition with the firebombings of Catholic churches ahead of his Monday arrival and protests by Chileans fed up with priest sex abuse and cover-u


Doctors warn against eating Tide Pods in latest social media challenge

Doctors are warning people not to engage in the “Tide Pod Challenge.”


Do Not Do The 'Tide Pod Challenge' And Put Detergent In Your Mouth

Yes, teens are putting laundry detergent pods in their mouths and posting videos of doing so online. Do I have to explain why this is a bad idea?


What Is ‘Tide Pod Challenge’? Latest Social Media Craze Has Doctors Worried

An alarming number of teens are uploading videos of themselves trying out this challenge, despite the fact that Tide and other laundry detergents are highly toxic are not meant to be consumed.

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