People are starting to realize the GOP tax bill was a massive scam

Richer residents are seeing benefits, while most others are missing out

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Wayne Rooney hit with £5m tax bill after 'investing in controversial avoidance scheme'

Footballer said to be furious after being told to invest in film finance scheme which has now been targeted by HMRC.


Christian leaders shut Jerusalem's Church of Holy Sepulchre in protest at Israel imposing taxes

Christian leaders are taking the rare step of closing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, built at what is said to be the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, in protest at Israeli tax policies which they say unfairly target the Christian comm


Radical plans for over-40s to pay hundreds of pounds extra tax to fund old age touted by ex-Deputy PM

RADICAL new plans for Brits over 40 to pay hundreds of pounds more tax every year to pay for the ageing population have been touted by the ex-Deputy PM. Damian Green laid out his new plans to fund Britain’s ageing population today, just two months a


Charities used by extremists who promote violence or hatred received £6million in tax relief, report claims

CHARITIES used by extremists who promote violence or hatred received £6million in tax relief last year, a bombshell report reveals. The cash write-off could be spent on producing radical material and events or pay for travel to conflict zones. Islamist e


Donald Trump's US tax reform gives Warren Buffett a $29 billion boost

Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett, received a stunning $29 billion check last year from the US government, thanks to a new tax law that massively lowered corporate tax rates.

United Kingdom

‘Furious’ Wayne Rooney hit by £5million tax bill as more footy stars face ‘catastrophic’ payments

WAYNE Rooney has been clobbered with a tax bill totalling £5million. He is said to be furious at the demand which came after advisers urged him to invest in controversial film schemes. Relief was claimed on artificial losses from hit movies. But Her Maje


Trump tax reform gives Buffett $29bn boost

Billionaire Warren Buffett says his conglomerate has been "delivered" billions by the US tax cuts.

United States

Warren Buffett says Republican tax cut 'delivered' $29bn to his company

Billionaire reports record quarterly and annual profit for Berkshire Hathaway, in large part due to Congress’s tax code changesWarren Buffett on Saturday reported a record quarterly and annual profit for his Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate, thanks in pa


Reasons Why The Trump Tax Cut Can Improve Your Small Business In The Long-Term

If a small business owner wisely takes advantage of his or her increased fortunes, the company will be able to improve its credit rating.


Berkshire Hathaway Posted $29 Billion Gain in 2017 From Tax Plan

Berkshire Hathaway said Saturday it posted a $29 billion gain in 2017 related to changes in U.S. tax law, a boost that inflated annual profits for the Omaha conglomerate.


Warren Buffett says proceeds from the GOP tax law made up almost half of Berkshire Hathaway's gain in 2017

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway saw its net worth surge by $65 billion in 2017, almost half of which came from tax proceeds from the recently passed GOP law. There's an expectation that financial services firms will be among the market's biggest benef


Lower tax rate fuels record profit for Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway

Fourth-quarter net income increased roughly fivefold for Berkshire Hathaway, in part because of the Trump tax cut.


Berkshire Hathaway Beats S&P 500 Again, Cites Tax Cuts For Windfall

Thank you, President Trump? Warren Buffet says Berkshire Hathaway's 23% gain in book value is mostly due to the new tax code.


Lower tax rate fuels record profit for Buffett's Berkshire

(Reuters) - Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc on Saturday reported a record quarterly and annual profit, benefiting from a lower U.S. corporate income tax rate.


Tax Changes Could Spur Swap Meet for Used Goods

The market for used equipment—including airplanes and industrial machines—is likely to heat up as firms take advantage of the new tax law’s 100% immediate deduction for such purchases.

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Tax campaigners beat Apple's bid to ban protests

Campaign group Attac staged sit-in protests in Apple stores in Paris in November and December last year.


Tesla, GM buyers to lose $7,500 tax credit within a year

Time is running out for buyers of the best-selling plug-in vehicles to get a $7,500 federal tax credit with their purchase.


Warren Buffett's big annual letter is almost here — here are the most important things to look out for (BRKA, BRKB)

Warren Buffett's annual letter to shareholders will be published around 7:45 a.m. ET on Saturday. Analysts at Morgan Stanley are paying attention to Buffett's thoughts on succession and tax reform, among other topics.  Follow Business Insider's cover


Trickle-down trouble: Coalition risks backlash in enlisting Qantas to spruik tax cuts

Ministers and airline boss Alan Joyce talk up the need for cuts. But if corporate profits keep rising while wages stagnate, voters will know who to blameHaving just managed to rid itself of one Joyce, the government has been keen to embrace another member

United States

US tax cuts can make 'massive difference' in investing decisions: Global mining CEO

Rio Tinto CEO Jean-Sebastien Jacques says the company is ready to invest in U.S. infrastructure.


U.S. M&A lending hits early year high with jumbo loans

NEW YORK (LPC) - A flurry of huge US acquisitions is pushing high-grade M&A lending to early year highs as blue-chip firms take advantage of US tax reform and try to fight off the threat of online retail giant Amazon.

United States

Trump administration considering rise in gas tax: Mnuchin

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration is considering a hike in the gasoline tax, but no decision has been made, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on Friday.


Trump at CPAC: 2nd Amendment, tax cuts at risk if Dems take power

President Trump, in a fiery and freewheeling speech to conservative activists on Friday, implored his base to get off their “ass” and “clobber” Democrats in upcoming elections so they won’t try to repeal the Second Amendment, undo recent tax cut


When 'Married, Filing Separately' Lowers Your Tax Bill

The rarely used “married, filing separately” tax status is a boon for the few Americans who choose it each year. More will likely join that club in 2018.


The IRS isn't calling you — it's a scam, and here's what to do if it happens to you

IRS scam calls are a normal occurrence during tax season, unfortunately. Every year, the IRS warns taxpayers to beware of a long list of tax scams. The latest phone scam alleges there is "fraud and misconduct" associated with your taxes and urges you to r


How to make extra money from home with a Facebook, eBay or Etsy business

RUNNING an online business from home is a great way of fitting your work around your life. Brit Businesses with 0 to 9 employees made 272 billion pounds last year, so here is how to get in on the action. When do I need to start paying tax? If you work fro


Brexit: 'Free ports' urged to boost Welsh economy

Ports free of tax and red tape could boost the Welsh economy after Brexit, industry figures argue.


These 5 states would see added insult to injury if the federal gas tax goes up

Thomson Reuters Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Hawaii, and New York all have the tax. Washington is considering a $.25 per gallon increase in the tax. Watch Washington on this, as this tax could fund infrastructure reform. The Trump administrati


Tech M&A is going to pick up in 2018

There may be more M&A in the near future in the technology sector. Tech execs confidence level in the global economy has risen from 20% to 80%. More than half of tech execs say they will pursue deals in the next year. And the tax plan doesn't have tha


ABC faces more questions as Emma Alberici's disputed article is restored | The Weekly Beast

Amended piece fails to lift the fog around the internal row at Aunty. Plus: Fairfax’s Greg Hywood doesn’t talk trash A week after it was taken down from ABC Online Emma Alberici’s contentious analysis piece on the government’s proposed tax cuts f


Big Pharma investors cash in on Trump’s tax plan

Big Pharma companies poured funds into share buyback programs, while neglecting employees and research

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