‘Fed up’ tech entrepreneurs put off Britain by visa delays 

Britain is losing the battle to attract the tech entrepreneurs needed to build a world-beating sector because the visa system is too slow and complex, Parliament has been told.

United Kingdom

What is a fatberg, why are they blocking London’s sewage system and why are they so dangerous?

PET owners are warned about poisonous blobs of congealed palm oil fat washing up on beaches in the UK. Dogs love the “diesel-like” smell of the deadly white lumps, dubbed “fatbergs”, which are dumped legally by ships, often in the


Verne Troyer cause of death: How did the Austin Powers actor die?

VERNE Troyer sadly passed away on April 21 aged 49 after being rushed to hospital with large amounts of alcohol in his system - but how did the Austin Powers star die?


PS4 Update 5.53-01: Sony release new system upgrade - here’s what it does

SONY has released a new firmware update for the PS4 and PS4 Pro family of consoles. Here's what it does.


Pico! Pico! Pico! The technicolour sound systems of Barranquilla – in pictures

On Colombia’s Caribbean coast flamboyantly customised ‘picos’ blast out vintage vinyl as part of a highly competitive sound system culture Continue reading...


MIT Researchers Develop A System That Lets You Choose Your Dreams

A team of researchers atMIThave developed a system that they claim, can directly influence the dreams you have just before you fall into a deep sleep.According to the team, they were able to subconsciously insert words into their test subject’s mind


OracleVoice: How To Solve The Right Problems With Your New HR System

Wagstaff turns to Oracle HCM Cloud to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness of the company’s HR processes.


Unstoppable exploit in Nintendo Switch opens door to homebrew and piracy

The Nintendo Switch may soon be a haven for hackers, but not the kind that want your data — the kind who want to run SNES emulators and Linux on their handheld gaming consoles. A flaw in an Nvidia chip used by the Switch, detailed today, lets power user


Verne Troyer reportedly had 3 times the legal limit of alcohol in his system at the time of his death

Verne Troyer reportedly had three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system, which may have led directly to his death on Saturday.


TSB could face fine for system outage and potential data breach

TSB could be in line for a hefty fine after a botched system upgrade left customers unable to use online and mobile banking services for a fourth day and sparked fears of a data breach.


Federal judiciary may create informal harassment complaint system

Four months after the federal judiciary was jolted into a #MeToo moment by allegations of sexual harassment against California US appeals court judge Alex Kozinski, officials are moving toward a new complaint channel for court employees.


Semi-Monthly Benefit Transfers Are A Simple Way To Improve Food Stamps

Simple, straightforward fixes to the nation's food stamp program have the potential to improve how the program works for retailers and for families. One such fix is moving to a semi-monthly transfer system, helping consumers smooth out spending over the m


New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results: elections chief

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A new electronic system will deliver the results of Iraq's upcoming national election within hours of polls closing, the country's chief electoral officer said, a marked improvement from previous years when it took weeks to announce th


Louisiana legislators are earning big money from government agencies

“The notion that you can get public money and not report it in our flim-flammery of an ethics system is ridiculous”


Adama Barrow: Gambia politics 'fragile' but progressing

The system was "polluted" with bad laws but things are improving, says the country's president.


China opposes all forms of protectionism, its commerce minister says

China will firmly safeguard the world's multilateral trading system, its commerce minister wrote on Monday.


Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: What’s the best fighting system in games?

GameCentral readers discuss their favourite video game melee combat, from Batman: Arkham Knight to Bayonetta.


Uproar in Canada after homeopath gives boy pill made from rabid dog's saliva

Homeopathic remedy allegedly cured behaviour problemCritics seek review of system for approving homeopathic treatmentsThe Canadian government’s system of approving homeopathic treatments has been challenged after a naturopath in the province of British


No time limit for terminal illness benefits

The Scottish government says its new benefits system will now allow doctors alone to decide whether an illness is terminal.


Germany's Merck seeks partners for cancer and immune system drugs

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Merck KGaA will seek development partners for experimental treatments including tepotinib as the German company looks to licensing deals to help fund clinical trials, according to its head of drug R&D.


At 17, this sexual abuse survivor set out to fix a broken system

Brisa de Angulo grew up in Bolivia and remembers having a wonderful childhood. That is, until she was 15.

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