Diver dies after being pulled from sea near Oban

The alarm was raised after the man got into difficulties while diving in the Sound of Mull near Oban.


Diver pulled unconscious from sea near Oban

The incident follows a rescue operation involving the emergency services in the Sound of Mull.


Ssangyong Rexton review: Big SUV lets you change the sound of your indicators to a galloping horse or singing cricket

FORGET the flying car, self-driving robots or vehicles that power your telly . . .  I have just driven the future of the automotive industry. SsangYong’s new Rexton lets you change your indicator sound to a cricket chirr


The Beatles-inspired Austrian ski resort of Obertauern is a Magical Mystery Tour

THE hills are alive with the sound of music. Or should that be mountains?


Keepers warn of 'bee-mageddon' after France authorises controversial insecticide

French bee keepers are up in arms over the authorisation of an insecticide they warn could sound the death knell of their already decimated bee population.

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Paul Ryan burned Trump with some biting jokes at a swanky New York charity dinner

"Enough with the applause," Paul Ryan told the crowd at the annual Al Smith charity dinner. "You sound like the cabinet when Donald Trump walks into the room."


Europe's Joey Tempest looks back at 'The Final Countdown' and strangest encounters with fans

It’s been 31 years since Joey Tempest unveiled one of the most iconic anthems of the hair-raising ‘80s, but these days the front man of Swedish rock band Europe is eager to take off with a completely different sound.


Paul Ryan Hilariously Roasted Donald Trump During The Al Smith Dinner

"Enough with the applause, you sound like the Cabinet when Donald Trump walks in the room."


Wall Street banks are starting to sound the alarm on a stock market correction

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the latest Wall Street firm to issue a warning over a possible stock market correction.

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A New Google Doodle Celebrates the Legacy of the Studio for Electronic Music

The Cologne studio was fertile ground for breakthroughs in electronic music and sound until its closure in 2000

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Is this audio injuring US staff in Cuba?

The Associated Press obtained recording of the sound that some US diplomats claim to have heard in Cuba as part of sonic attacks.


How a girl who cannot speak got a unique voice

New digital technology allows people without a voice to sound like themselves for the first time.

Showbiz & TV

Simon Cowell orders plush new X Factor dressing room for himself with sound-proofing, mood lighting and sleeping area

SIMON Cowell has been outed as The X Factor’s most vain judge – as he’shad a special dressing room with all mod cons built specially for him at the ITV studio. Despite dwindling viewer figures, 58-year-old Simon has splashed out on a


It's been 70 years since Chuck Yeager's historic flight — here's what it was like to break the sound barrier

On October 14, 1947, Yeager flew faster than the speed of sound in the sky over Southern California.


First recording emerges of high-pitched 'sonic weapon' linked to attacks on US Embassy workers in Cuba

The first public recording of high-pitched, cricket-like sounds out of Havana could be linked to the attacks on U.S. Embassy workers.


Kentucky Governor Trots Out That Old Lie About People Overdosing On Marijuana

There's not enough weed in the world to make his claim sound smart.


Here's the recording of the strange sound US diplomats heard in Cuba before suffering mysterious brain injuries

It's an intense, high-pitched, pulsing, ringing noise, "like a mass of crickets" or a whine that "seems to undulate, even writhe," like nails on a chalkboard.


Is this the sound of US diplomats under 'sonic attack' in Cuba?

Listen carefully and you can make out slight undulations in a high-pitched whine, like the output of of a swarm of electronic crickets, perhaps.


CNBC staffers tried 4DX immersive movie tech with 'Blade Runner 2049,' and found it worth the $30

CNBC editors check out "Blade Runner 2049" in 4DX, which surrounds moviegoers with water, smells, motion and sound.


Bella Hadid is mercilessly mocked for cringeworthy interview about 'dope' trainers

The reality star-turned-model has been mocked for trying to sound like a rap star


Google disables touch function on Home Mini

Home Mini speaker units were responding to every sound close to them, early users found.


The Rich Open Up About Family Wealth

Family communication workshops sound corny but get results.

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