Suspect device found on Sands of Sound beach in Lerwick

A 100m cordon was put in place at Sands of Sound in Lerwick after the suspected ordnance was discovered.


What does the inside of your knee sound like?

A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing a stethoscope for your knees.


John Krasinski stars in horror thriller 'A Quiet Place'

A family of four must navigate their lives in silence after mysterious creatures that hunt by sound threaten their survival. If they hear you, they hunt you.        

United States

The greatest upset ever: UMBC's shock win comes when the sport needs it most

The Retrievers’ stunning takedown of Virginia reminded us why March Madness endures as one of America’s best sporting traditionsThat whoosh you heard on Friday night was the sound of millions of brackets across America simultaneously bursting into fla


Can Spotify and Dropbox finally prove that tech is a sound investment?

After a disappointing flotation for Snap, the music service and the data storage site have their doubters as they head to marketThe message to investors from Spotify last week had a familiar ring for any veteran of the tech gold rush: “The trend towards


Are Captain America And Iron Man Still At Odds In Avengers: Infinity War?

The Civil War tore Iron Man and Captain America apart. By the sound of it, it'll take another War to bring them back together.


Watch: 15-Foot Python Discovered Hiding Inside Man’s Living Room Wall

A 15-foot-long python was discovered by a homeowner, hiding on the inside of his living room wall in Bangkok, Thailand, reports said Thursday. Somchai Subdang, 45, had been watching television on Tuesday afternoon when he heard an unusual clunking sound c


India and Pakistan have been ringing each other’s doorbells and running away

The tension between India and Pakistan has deteriorated as the nuclear rivals play tit-for-tat knock and run like school children. The foreign ministries of both countries have alleged that the other side is engaging in some kind of bitter neighbourhood d


Bloke hears weird noises coming from inside his wall… and what he finds is terrifying

A MASSIVE 15ft long python was discovered hiding in a man’s living room WALL. Somchai Subdang, 45, was watching TV when he heard an odd sound coming from behind the plasterboard. He put his ear to the wall and jumped in fright when he heard a sinis


Kudlow says he favors a strong dollar, has no reason to believe Trump isn't for one either

President Trump's new top economic advisor Kudlow believes that good economic policy includes a "sound, strong dollar."


Drowned in sound: how listening to music hinders learning

Students may plead otherwise – but research shows that playing your favourite tunes while studying gets in the way of revisionRead more Lessons from ResearchMany students do their homework and revision while listening to music. Many of them will swear t


Two Years Ago My Love Died

Two years ago my love suddenly died. You probably know the story by now. He felt rough at work. He went home and spoke to his mum. He told her he had a headache. He evidently took some pain killers, lay down on his bed and died. He was out of touch with m


The Wave is a ring that controls sound as if by magic

 Out in the desolate wastes of deepest Iceland, magic blooms. The Icelandic sagas tell of fairy houses to magical rings that control the world, and now one of those, the Wave, has landed on the internet. The Wave is a ring that controls sound. It is

Showbiz & TV

Ashton Kutcher's venture fund held one of the most exclusive and bonkers parties at SXSW, the world's wildest tech conference — take a look inside

Marc Benioff, Ashton Kutcher, Elon Musk, and Snoop Dogg walked into a bar. And the night only got crazier from there. Sound Ventures, a tech-investment firm founded by Kutcher and the talent manager Guy Oseary held one of the most exclusive and lavish par

Top News

President Trump mocks being presidential

During a campaign speech for Rick Saccone, the GOP candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, President Trump mocked what "being presidential" would sound like, after recounting criticism on how he speaks.


Why does using a period in a text message make you sound insincere or angry?

And you thought it just indicated the end of a sentence . . .

Showbiz & TV

Coleen Rooney shares adorable picture of her three week old son Cass Mac

COLEEN Rooney has posted a cute photo of new son Cass Mac – who’s just three weeks old – on Twitter. In the photo – taken in a professional shoot – baby Cass is seen curled up, sound asleep and swaddled in a cloth. Our Boy


Terrified horse throws go-go dancer of its back during cruel nightclub performance

A terrified horse threw an underwear-clad dancer off its back after being forced to trot through a packed nightclub dancefloor. The white animal bucked and reared in terror after being made to walk though the dancefloor of Mokai nightclub in South Beach,

Love And Sex

Is YOUR partner cheating? How to catch them out by listening to their voice

YOU can spot a cheater by the sound of their voice, a new study suggests.


Chinese bank to fund giant panda conservation park

National park will bolster local economy while providing animals with unbroken habitatThe Bank of China has pledged at least 10bn yuan (£1.1bn) to create a giant panda conservation park in south-west Sichuan province, the Chinese forestry ministry has sa


My TV's audio isn't great – will a soundbar help?

Keith’s Toshiba smart TV lacks good sound and he’s bought a soundbase that overdoes the bass. What should he do next?I have a Toshiba 32L3753DB TV, which is OK, but the sound needs help. I bought an Otone Audio Ltd Soundbase, which does amplify the so


New technologies will fuel surging US oil production, says Emerson CEO

New technology will help the industry become safer, more efficient and more environmentally sound, says David Farr.


From blank pages to 13,000 word sentences: a brief history of British avant garde writing

In the 1960s, writers such as BJ Johnson, Ann Quin and Bob Cobbing were ripping up the rules of fiction, fighting the establishment - and each other. What, if anything, of their legacy lives on?Of all the curious artefacts gathering dust in the BBC’s So


Career Advice To My Younger Self: 'Don’t Wait Until The Timing Is Perfect'

Ahead of International Women’s Day 2018, six inspirational women are sharing the things they wish they’d known earlier in their careers. “MPs did not look like me, and they didn’t sound like me, so I didn’t think it was


‘Baby Driver’ Loses Oscars For Sound Mixing, Editing And Twitter Isn’t Happy

Not only are top actors being given awards during the Sunday night’s Oscars, but they’re also the ones doing a lot of the presenting. “Baby Driver” stars Ansel Elgort and Eiza González hit the stage during the ceremony to present for both best so

United Kingdom

Navy crew are spurred on by the sound of God Save The Queen as they chase Spaniards from Brit waters around The Rock

A ROYAL Navy crew chased a Spanish navy ship out of British waters off Gibraltar – to the sound of the National Anthem being played. Two Spanish navy ships – including the Atalaya patrol boat – illegally entered UK territorial waters last week, sour

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