Games Inbox: Double-dipping video games, Knights Of The Old Republic III, and Destiny 2 end game

The evening Inbox worries that loot boxes could spell ruin for the games industry, as one reader advises turning the sound off in Sonic Mania.


US tourists may have been exposed to the Cuba sonic attack

The State Department has received reports of several citizens who visited Cuba and say they've developed symptoms similar to what embassy victims experienced.


PODCAST: Why 'Sonic Mania' Makes Us Homesick

A throwback to yesteryear by fan game designers, 'Sonic Mania' and its remixed levels succeed where Sega failed so many times before. But what does its success say about fans and nostalgia?

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Is this audio injuring US staff in Cuba?

The Associated Press obtained recording of the sound that some US diplomats claim to have heard in Cuba as part of sonic attacks.


Check Out Klaw's Famous Sonic Disrupter From Black Panther

Like the Klaw from the Marvel Comics continuity, Ulysses Klaue will be packing a powerful sonic disrupter in Black Panther, which you can check out after the jump.


Here's the recording of the strange sound US diplomats heard in Cuba before suffering mysterious brain injuries

It's an intense, high-pitched, pulsing, ringing noise, "like a mass of crickets" or a whine that "seems to undulate, even writhe," like nails on a chalkboard.


Is this the sound of US diplomats under 'sonic attack' in Cuba?

Listen carefully and you can make out slight undulations in a high-pitched whine, like the output of of a swarm of electronic crickets, perhaps.

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