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Watch the PBS trailer for ‘The Great American Read’

‘The Great American Read,’ an eight-part series, launches on PBS on May 22. Viewers are invited to vote on their favorite novel from a list of 100 popular books.        


Impact PartnersVoice: Women Retirees: Your Adventure Awaits!

Unlike previous generations, today’s women have access to more options to create the retirements of their dreams. Read how you can set yourself up for a more successful retirement!


5 ways to afford your first home

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Showbiz & TV

What time does True Horror start on Channel 4, how does the docudrama work and who’s featured in the show?

GET ready to hide behind your couch, because True Horror has arrived. But when exactly does the new Channel 4 series start, how will the docudrama work, and who will be featured on the show? Read on to find out more… When does True Horror start? The


Best hay fever remedies - from nasal spray and tablets to eye drops and natural treatments

With the return of the hot weather comes high pollen counts and hay fever, many sufferers will be heading to their nearest chemist for a remedy, but which is best? Read on to find out


Meet Jurassic World's Indoraptor, The New Dinosaur Who Will Haunt Your Dreams

Something new is heading our way in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and it's quite terrifying if you ask us. Read on to find out more about the soon to be infamous Indoraptor.


If It Wasn't For The Overwhelming Support For The Windrush Generation I'd Have Lost Faith In The Idea Of 'Global Britain'

When I used to read stories of unjustified deportations from the UK and detentions on UK borders I would feel horrified and outraged by them, but admittedly also feel a sense of distance and relief that my life was unaffected by them. Yet last week when I

United Kingdom

Student nurse’s devastating inoperable brain tumour diagnosis after she couldn’t read text messages

A STUDENT nurse discovered she had an inoperable brain tumour after visiting an optician – because she was struggling to read her text messages. Charlotte Taylor, 19, had initially gone to the doctors with her symptoms but they were unable to find a

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Walmart set to debut new website

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10 amazing ways to see India

Considering a visit to India? Read our expert guide on the best tours to take and a guide to the best Indian destinations, such as Goa, to make the most of them


The Rampage Co-Star Who Totally Steals The Movie Away From The Rock

While Rampage is still technically a film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, there's one cast member who steals the film from him whenever they appear on screen. Read on to find out more.


Flying is banned over Disney and these other places – but why?

GETTING on a plane means that you’re going to see some epic views from high up in the air. But did you know that flying is banned over certain places in the world – such as Disney parks? Read on to find out the other places where flying isn’t permit

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