Liverpool’s German boss Klopp says there should be a second Brexit referendum because quitting the EU ‘makes no sense’

BRITAIN should have another referendum on the EU because Brexit “makes no sense at all”, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp said today. The German manager claimed that Leave voters are now thinking, “What have I done?” as he called for a rerun of the 201

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Brexit minister reveals how MPs can force Theresa May to accept fresh referendum

Exclusive: Steve Baker says a crucial autumn vote on the exit deal will not, as expected, be a 'take-it-or-leave-it' choice – because 'parliament can always seek to amend motions'


David Cameron says he doesn't regret EU referendum

David Cameron has said he does not regret calling the referendum that led to Brexit but still wished it had gone the other way.

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Repeal the Eighth: Latest updates on Ireland's abortion referendum

All the latest news and discussion ahead of Ireland's vote on 25 May which could lift the country's ban on abortion


Leave Campaign Admits Using 'Outrageous' And 'Provocative' Tactics During EU Referendum

The campaign to leave theEuropean Unionused deliberately “outrageous” and “provocative” tactics to keep immigration at the top of the referendum debate, mirroring similar tactics to those used byDonald Trump, a key figure in the po


Fury as BBC gives Sir Patrick Stewart prime slot to promote second EU referendum

THE BBC sparked outrage yesterday for giving Remain-backing Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart a prime-time slot to promote his campaign for a second EU referendum. His six-minute interview on the Andrew Marr Show was shown before crucial live interviews


Sir Patrick Stewart says his X-Men and Star Trek characters would have opposed Brexit

Sir Patrick Stewart, the veteran actor, said some of his best known characters would have voted Remain as he joined a campaign to demand another referendum on the final Brexit deal.


Rivers of Blood speech echoes during EU referendum, says Hain

Labour peer Peter Hain says echoes of Enoch Powell's 1968 address were heard in the EU referendum.


Leading Remoaner boss of Goldman Sachs who has trolled Brexiteers since referendum now admits leaving EU is ‘not as bad as he thought’ after all

THE LEADING Remoaner boss of Goldman Sachs – who has trolled Brexiteers since the referendum – now admits leaving the EU is “not as bad as he thought” after all. The investment bank’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein admits he got it wrong on the imp


Exclusive: Splitting California in three a step closer as billionaire gets enough signatures to trigger vote

The chance of California splitting into three has moved a step closer after a billionaire secured enough signatures to trigger a referendum on the issue.


EU chief blasts Brexit as ‘one of the saddest moments’ of the 21st century and says he is ‘furious’ about it in bizarre rant against the referendum

ONE OF THE EU’S top figures has blasted Brexit as “one of the saddest moments” of the 21st century and says he is “furious” about it in a bizarre rant against the referendum decision. European Council President Donald Tusk has said our historic


Billionaire tycoon George Soros gives another £400,000 to anti-Brexit group in bid to keep Britain inside EU

THE BILLIONAIRE tycoon George Soros has given another £400,000 to an anti-Brexit group in a bid to keep Britain inside the EU. The Hungarian-born philanthropist has responded to criticism of his donations by handing hundreds of thousands more to Best For

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Public backs fresh referendum to have 'final say' on terms of Brexit deal, new poll finds

MPs urged to respond to evidence that the approach of departure day is 'sharpening the British public's minds'

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