Cryptocurrency price crash predicted as bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt Gox moves $144m worth of coins

Such a large movement of cryptocurrency is anticipated to have a significant affect on markets


    Bitcoin will replace gold and soar in price to $700,000, says major investor

    The entire bitcoin network could one day be worth more than $6 trillion, according to a partner at Pfeffer Capital – but other cryptocurrencies are doomed


      Facebook boss faces intense grilling from laughing MPs during parliament hearing

      The site was accused of having no morals and doing everything it could to take money


        Elon Musk says he is building a robot dragon, Game Of Thrones responds

        Cyborg will be fitted with lasers, the Tesla and SpaceX boss said


          Sonos details how Apple's AirPlay 2 will work, letting people listen from their iPhone or Mac

          Only some speakers will be able to use it – but older ones will be able to listen through them


            Hackers create hotel master keys that can access millions of rooms

            Security researchers say it takes an average of 60 seconds to gain access to any hotel room using the hacking technique


              Scientists reveal the most detailed star chart of the Milky Way ever made

              Map of our galactic neighbourhood has already unlocked some of its strangest mysteries


                Webstresser: World's biggest cybercrime market knocked offline

                The online marketplace was used to launch a series of attacks on UK banks last year


                  Famous car designer swaps Ferrari for flying taxis because 'there's too much traffic'

                  Celebrated designer Frank Stephenson has designed some of the most famous cars in the world


                    New OnePlus 6 phone will release in May – with a headphone jack likely to remain unlike the iPhone, says boss

                    'No one thought we could succeed in such a competitive industry but by focusing on users, thanks to our community, we proved them wrong'

                      United Kingdom

                      WhatsApp to ban under-16s across Europe

                      Facebook will also kick children off unless their parents vouch for them


                        Twitter announces new privacy policy ahead of European data law

                        Sweeping General Data Protection Regulation set to take effect in EU next month


                          Indian police trace 3,000 missing children in just four days using facial recognition technology

                          The technology helped identify thousands of missing children within just four days of launching


                            Machine lets people control their dreams as they sleep

                            The Dormio system uses a glove-like device and a robot


                              Bitcoin price surges by a third as cryptocurrency breaks above $9,000

                              Bitcoin's recent price rise has given a big boost to other cryptocurrencies, with some experiencing gains of more than 20 per cent over the last 24 hours


                                Facebook gives full detail on all the data it is collecting and using to sell ads

                                The site admits that it tracks people as they use the internet and then lets advertisers use that information


                                  Apple reveals UK engineering team and introduces them to children to inspire them to become engineers

                                  There is a 20,000 a year shortfall of engineers – and the industry is still severely lacking in diversity


                                    Coinbase: WikiLeaks calls for boycott of world's biggest bitcoin brokerage

                                    The whistleblowing organisation has raised millions of dollars through bitcoin donations over the years


                                      Bitcoin price rises $500 in 24 hours, causing ethereum and other cryptocurrency markets to surge in value

                                      Bitcoin experienced another surge in price, taking its value towards $9,000 for the first time since March


                                        Facial recognition technology reunites lost man with his family

                                        The mentally ill man was reunited with his brother after a facial recognition firm helped to identify him


                                          Facebook stop most users who could benefit from new data regulations from getting them, site confirms

                                          The site says the decision will not matter to users since they will be protected anyway


                                            Westworld: Why a disturbing robot visiting a pub could show the future of androids

                                            The kind of robots depicted in the hit TV series are at once fascinatingly fantastical and chillingly real


                                              Facebook could be banned in Russia over data law violations, regulator suggests

                                              Communications regulator Roskomnadzor made the warning just days after blocking the popular messaging app Telegram


                                                Cambridge Analytica planned its own cryptocurrency to sell personal data

                                                The cryptocurrency could have been used to store and sell personal data

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