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Drunken builder groped passenger and air hostess then tried to blame it on Ryanair

A BOOZY flier groped a passenger and an air hostess then blamed Ryanair, a court was told. Robertas Bajalis, 30, drank heavily the night before then necked more booze waiting to board. On the Latvia to Manchester flight, he downed rum, grabbed a woman’s


Which Premier League stars could your club sign for free this summer? All the out of contract players

Every club in the top flight have footballers with just a couple of months remaining on their current deals


Southwest Airlines mum Jennifer Riordan was sucked out of flight 1380 despite wearing her seatbelt

THE mum who died in the Southwest Airlines accident was sucked out of the plane despite wearing her seatbelt, it has emerged. Authorities have released further details about the death of banking executive Jennifer Riordan, who was killed when the the twin

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Window seat or aisle? After Southwest incident, some fliers think twice

CNNMoney readers discuss whether a fatal accident on a Southwest flight will affect their flying habits.


Vid emerges of plane disaster crew trying to calm passengers after fatal mid-air explosion

NEW footage captures the panic and helplessness of passengers aboard the Southwest Airlines forced to make an emergency landing after its engine exploded and window shattered. Hunched and motionless, a passenger filmed crew members calming passengers on F


FAA to order engine inspections following Southwest incident

Douglas Steenland, former Northwest Airlines CEO, discusses the fatal accident on board a Southwest this flight and news that the FAA is now ordering engine inspections.


'Everybody breathe': Flight attendant bravely urges calm as Southwest airlines flight descends sharply after mid-air explosion

New footage from onboard the Southwest flight shows the brave flight attendant keeping passengers calm


Why did the engine on Southwest Airlines flight 1381 explode? A blow-by-blow account of what happened inside the ‘cylinder of spinning swords’

A RUN of eight years without a fatal accident involving a US plane came to a brutal halt when a mum-of-two was partially sucked out of a plane window at 32,000ft and died. As investigators determine exactly how a fan blade snapped off and pierced the sh


World’s sexiest flight attendants flaunt beach bodies and jet-set lifestyle on Instagram

THESE cabin crew members have been flaunting their glamorous lifestyles on social media – and we can’t get enough.


Who is Tammie Jo Shults? Southwest Airlines flight 1380 emergency landing pilot hailed a hero after engine failure horror

TAMMIE Jo Shults is the pilot who landed Southwest Airlines flight 1380 on April 17, 2018. Here’s what we know about the hero airwoman who bravely guided the flight to earth. Who is Tammie Jo Shults? Pilot Tammie Jo Shults is an airline pilot who s


Southwest Airlines flight 1380 passenger hits back at trolls after Facebook Live streaming jet disaster

THE Southwest Airlines passenger who live streamed the jet disaster on Facebook has hit back at trolls who slammed him for recording. Marty Martinez, 29, from Dallas, paid £6 to launch the video so he could reach out to all of his loved ones, as he thoug


Delta Airline plane bound for London makes emergency landing as smoke pours from engine – days after mid-air explosion on Southwest flight

A DELTA Airlines plane was filmed with smoke pouring from its engine – in another terrifying mid-air drama. The dramatic fire was published on social media just one day after a passenger was killed after an engine blew on a Southwest Airlines flight


Bitcoin heist suspect escapes to Sweden 'on board flight with Iceland's prime minister'

Iceland's prime minister may have been an unwitting bystander in the escape of one of the country's most notorious criminal suspects after it was claimed she took the same flight as the alleged mastermind behind a $2 million Bitcoin theft.


Retired nurse tells how hero passengers dragged mum back into plane and tried to revive her after she was sucked out window on Southwest Airlines flight

AN ex-nurse who was on board the Southwest Airlines flight yesterday when a mum was sucked out of the window after an engine exploded has told how she and others fought to save the woman’s life. Peggy Phillips was sitting in front of Jennifer Riordan wh


Listen to how Tammie Jo Shults, hero pilot of Southwest 1380, kept calm and saved her passengers

Former fighter pilot remained totally calm as she told air traffic control 'We have part of the aircraft missing … There is a hole and, um, someone went out'


Southwest Airlines passengers reveal horror moment Jennifer Riordan was sucked out of Flight 1380 at 32,000ft

PASSENGERS of the the Southwest Airlines jet whose engine exploded have told of the horror moment a mum-of-two was sucked out of the window at 32,000ft. Banking executive Jennifer Riordan suffered fatal head injuries after the jet exploded on Southwest fl


First pictures of Southwest Airlines passenger Jennifer Riordan killed after being sucked out of jet at 32,000ft – as female pilot hailed a hero

THIS is the mum-of-two who was killed after she was sucked out of a passenger plane window at 32,000ft. Banking executive Jennifer Riordan suffered fatal head injuries after the jet exploded on Southwest flight 1380 from New York to Dallas. Riordan, who

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Brit student drinks vodka through sock, eats fish head and wears monobrow for week to earn cash for flight back from Malaysia for uni ball

A BRITISH student has eaten a plate of grass, scribbled a monobrow on her face and plans to guzzle a litre of vodka through a dirty sock to earn cash for a flight home from Malaysia. Charlotte Duff, 21, is currently studying abroad in Johor but is hoping

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