Sliver of Germany's mighty gold stash goes on show for the first time

Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, has opened an exhibition of its hefty gold reserves after recalling half of its bullion from foreign vaults.


McDolus vs McDonald's: French mayor launches fresh broadside in fast food war that has split island town

A mayor on an island off western France has intensified his Asterix-style war against McDonald’s by creating a "sustainable food zone" to counter the arrival of the American fast-food chain’s first eatery.


Andrea Nahles wins SPD leader contest but could be a tricky ally for embattled Angela Merkel

A former party rebel was elected as the leader of Germany’s Social Democrats on Sunday, presenting a further challenge to Angela Merkel over Europe.


Russia raises the stakes with wide-reaching and blunt internet clampdown

Russia has long sought to emulate the way its neighbour China regulates its citizens' online activities. The Kremlin isn't ready to do it just yet - but that doesn't mean they won't break the internet trying


Scuffles as Armenia protest leader Nikol Pashinyan detained

Opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan was taken into custody shortly after a TV exchange with PM Serzh Sargsyan.


Earth Day 2018: Why we all need to join the fight to save Britain's beaches from plastic pollution

As concerns mount over plastic pollution, Surfers Against Sewage and other marine conservation groups hope an army of volunteers will get involved in cleaning Britain's beaches this summer.


Nicolas Sarkozy among personalities to condemn 'ethnic-purging' in wave of 'new anti-Semitism' in France

More than 300 French dignitaries and stars, including ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, have signed a manifesto denouncing a "new anti-Semitism" marked by "Islamist radicalisation" after a string of killings of Jews.


Biologists in national park accidentally kill one of world's rarest bears

Rangers trap 'wrong' male in blunder involving sub-species on brink of extinction


France bans use of meat-like terms in packaging for vegetarian food

'It will not stop the shift away from animal to plant protein consumption'


Europe orders emergency checks on engine type that exploded in fatal Southwest Airlines incident

US and European airline regulators on Friday ordered emergency inspections within 20 days of nearly 700 aircraft engines similar to the one involved in a fatal Southwest Airlines engine blowout earlier this week, citing risks of a similar mishap.


Tourist takes crowdfunded trip to British islands

American Joe Hill thought a Facebook group for Jersey, the Channel Island, was for New Jersey.


Measles alert issued after holidaymakers return from Europe with bug

A measles health alert has been issued after unvaccinated holidaymakers returning from Europe lead to a surge in cases.


Russia's Telegram ban 'failing'

The messaging app is working around attempts to block it by authorities.


Investigation launched in Italy after one of world's rarest bears dies during capture by rangers

An investigation has been launched in Italy into how one of the world’s rarest bears died after being captured and sedated by biologists.


German theatre under fire for offering free tickets to those who wear a swastika armband

A theatre in Germany was engulfed in controversy on Friday after it offered free tickets to a play based on the life of Hitler to anyone prepared to wear a swastika armband.


Tourists face up to €10,000 fine for urinating in Renaissance loggia, as Florence braces for summer onslaught

Tourists caught urinating in the street in Florence have been hit with fines of up to 10,000 euros (£8,750) each as Italy vows to crack down on anti-social behaviour by visitors this summer.


Russia spread fake news via Twitter bots after Salisbury poisoning – analysis

Propaganda from Russian-operated accounts grew by 4,000% in aftermath of attack, Whitehall saysRussia used trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, according to fresh Whitehall analysis. Governme


Spanish family win six-year battle to exhume bodies of relatives killed by Franco

Four decades after the end of the Franco dictatorship, the wall surrounding Spain’s largest mass grave is finally to come down.


Victim of Berlin anti-Semitic attack was an Israeli Arab who 'wanted to see what it was like' to be Jewish

One of the victims of an anti-Semitic attack in central Berlin that shocked Germany this week is not Jewish, it has emerged.


Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel meet to come up with eurozone reform plans

Emmanuel Macron called for 'convergence' while Angela Merkel called for 'compromise'


Greek court rules migrants must no longer be detained on Aegean islands in 'big worry' for EU

Refugees and migrants who cross by boat from Turkey to Greece’s Aegean islands must be allowed to travel on to the mainland, a Greek court has ruled, raising concerns about a fresh wave of asylum seekers to Europe.


U-Boat rumoured to have helped Nazis escape to Argentina is discovered

The sophisticated German submarine U-3523 might have been the perfect vehicle for getting Nazi loot and leaders to South America - but its wreck has been found off the coast of Denmark


Russia steps up information war with UK — but Ofcom's fight against RT misses the point

Moscow signals major shift in propaganda activities against the West, but Ofcom's battle against RT is in danger of missing the point.


Italy closes net on mafia godfather in Sicily with dawn raids and arrests

Italian police have arrested alleged supporters of the elusive head of the Sicilian mafia, uncovering a secret network of messages that allowed the fugitive boss to give orders to his mobster allies.

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Is Russia in the EU and are Tenerife, Holland, Ireland and Guernsey part of the European Union? List of EU countries revealed

THE European Union contains 28 countries – but Europe itself contains 50. So which countries are in the European Union, which countries aren’t, and are countries like Guernsey and Tenerife part of it? Here’s our lowdown… Which coun

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