Britain should be ready to bomb Syria again if President Assad continues to use chemical weapons, says Defence Minister

BRITAIN may have to intervene again in Syria because President Assad may still be tempted to use chemical weapons, a Defence Minister warned. Tobias Ellwood said “we don’t know” if the recent airstrikes were enough to stop him in the future. He told


Syrian minister accuses Britain of faking Douma gas attack to justify air strikes on Assad

A TOP Syrian minister has bizarrely accused the UK of FAKING a chemical attack on his country’s civilians to pave the way for air strikes against the Assad regime. Deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad said Britain was “absolutely” invo

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Schoolgirl, 16, left with burnt face after bravely protecting pals from ‘chemical attack’

A GIRL was left with burns to her face after jumping in front of her friends when they were sprayed with a chemical. Cora Watson, 16, was hit by the liquid, fired from a water pistol out of a car which pulled alongside them. She sensed something was wrong


Chemical weapons inspectors enter Douma two weeks after attack

Chemical weapons inspectors collected samples from Syria's Douma on Saturday, two weeks after a suspected gas attack there followed by retaliatory strikes by Western powers on the Syrian government's chemical facilities.


Syria 'chemical' attack: Douma's warren of war tunnels revealed

Photographers have visited the network of tunnels used to move about Douma when it was under fire.


Chemical weapons inspectors reach Douma to probe gas attack

A week after arriving in Syria, experts enter town where dozens died and hundreds were injured in April 7 incident.


Russia: Chemical weapons inspectors head to Syria site

Experts from the agency for the monitoring of chemical weapons set off to the site of a suspected April 7 gas attack in Syria, Russia’s foreign ministry said.        


Syria: Chemical weapons inspectors are entering Douma, Russia says

Moscow brands delay in experts' entering alleged attack site 'unacceptable'


Chemical experts leave for Douma - Russia

International experts have finally gone to the site of the suspected attack in Syria, Russia says.


105 to 0: Why Syria's air defenses failed to intercept a single incoming missile

Syria’s air defense system failed to defend against the U.S.-led strike on chemical weapons facilities last week, highlighting how far the regime's military has declined.        


Chemical attacks on Iran: When the US looked the other way

Iran denounces 'hypocrisy' of US air strikes as experts urge Tehran to press Syria to stop future chemical attacks.


Russia says video of boy being doused in water after Syria chemical attack was ‘fake news’

Distressing footage showed an 11-year-old boy being doused in water after the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7.


Russian TV claims Syria chemical attack boy, 11, filmed being doused with water was tricked into taking part in return for biscuits

A BOY who was filmed being hosed down with water in a distressing Syrian chemical attack video told Russian state TV civilians were bribed with food to help stage the footage. Hassan Diab, 11, claimed he was tricked into taking part, while his father and


Why did the UK bomb Syria, will Russia retaliate and are we at war over the alleged chemical attack?

TENSIONS between the US and Russia have been at boiling point in recent weeks as a result of the Syria crisis. With both sides refusing to back down – and a US-led coalition now launching air strikes on the Assad regime – here’s what’s happene


Sepa warning over flaring incident at Mossmorran chemical plant

Bright flames and black smoke were seen during an incident at the chemical plant in Fife last June.


Belgium firms prosecuted over exporting Sarin precursor to Syria

The three firms say they did not know their exports of a Sarin-linked chemical to Syria might be illegal.


Syrian doctors ordered at GUNPOINT to deny chemical attack or their children will be killed

SYRIAN doctors have been ordered at gunpoint to deny chemical attacks or their children will be killed. A medic in Douma reported they were being forced to say there was no gas attack, with the fate of their children used against them. Labour MP Geraint D


France accuses Russia of trying to cover up Syria poison gas attack saying ‘essential evidence’ is vanishing as investigators are blocked from site

FRANCE has accused Russia of trying to cover up the Syrian poison gas attack claiming “essential evidence” has vanished. At least 70 people were killed, many of whom were little children, after aircraft’s dropped barrel bombs full of tox


Gunpoint threat to doctors to deny Syria chemical attack, says MP

Doctors in Syria are threatened at gunpoint to deny there was a chemical weapons attack, an MP says.


Chemical weapons inspectors enter Douma, eleven days after 'gas attack'

International investigators on Tuesday entered a Syrian town hit by an alleged chemical attack, after days of delay and warnings by Western powers that crucial evidence had likely been removed.

United Kingdom

More than 150 people evacuated from homes after ‘strong chemical smell’ reported

MORE than 150 people have been evacuated from homes in Essex after reports of a strong ‘chemical smell’. The London Fire Brigade dashed to the scene with firefighters from across East London and began evacuating the London suburb of Hornchurch


Syria chemical attack investigators FINALLY get permission from Russia to visit site amid fears Putin’s officials spent five days clearing evidence

RUSSIA says it will allow chemical inspectors to visit the site of a suspected chemical gas attack which killed at least 70 in Douma, Syria. It sparked retaliatory strikes from Britain, France and the US, who accused Russia of tampering with evidence on t


Russia makes bizarre claim it has ‘irrefutable evidence’ UK was behind Syria chemical attack as propaganda operation cracks into overdrive

PUTIN’S propaganda machine cracked into overdrive today with claims its has “irrefutable evidence” the Syrian chemical weapons attack was a “premeditated provocation by British special services”. Shocking widely-seen footage of the Douma inciden

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