US Air Force orders 'hypersonic conventional strike weapon'

Speed 'makes it invulnerable to current missile and air defence systems since interceptor missiles are, simply put, not fast enough'


Donald Trump says Korean War 'has not ended'

Analysis shows head of state believes people don't know several things such as France being America's 'first and oldest ally'


New York wants power to prosecute criminals pardoned by Donald Trump

Change could make it more difficult for president's aides and others who might be pardoned to escape criminal prosecution


First landlocked US city sues oil industry over climate change adaptation costs

Boulder is facing $100 million in extra climate change costs over the next three decades


Puerto Rico hit with island-wide power outages

Power outages continue to plague the island territory several months after Hurricane Maria hit


Trump says Pompeo struck up 'good relationship' with Kim Jong-un in North Korea meeting ahead of possible summit

Secret discussions between CIA director and Mr Kim start to lay framework for expected summit in June, says president


Republican senator says any colleagues who aren't conflicted about Trump are either 'comatose or blind'

He says he generally has a good relationship with the president, even if they do not always get along professionally


Why parents of Sandy Hook victims are suing Alex Jones

Online video shows talk show host citing various arguments to prove massacre was fake


Seal filmed brandishing knife on Hawaiian beach

Footage highlights dangers of manmade waste entering our oceans, experts say


Man who lost job over immigration status has right to be in UK confirmed

Case of Michael Braithwaite, who has lived in UK since 1961, was expedited after media exposureMichael Braithwaite, the special needs teaching assistant who lost his job after being classified as an illegal immigrant, collected documents on Wednesday conf


Sean Hannity 'basically has his own desk' at Trump's White House

'The bottom line is, during the heat of the campaign when relationships are forged, he was always there, offering good advice, in person and on television'


How Barbara Bush brought a plain-spoken and grandmotherly style to Washington

'What you see with me is what you get. I'm not running for president – George Bush is'


Canada group slammed after firing staff decrying Israel killings

A press advocacy employee has been sacked following his condemnation of Israel's lethal force used against Palestinians.

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