Airbus A380 – is this the end for the super jumbo (already)?

'Projections for the A380 anticipated inflight shopping malls and gyms, but from the economy passenger's point of view the reality has been seats, seats and more seats'


Terrified passengers scream as plane hangs from edge of a cliff after skidding off runway

HORRIFYING footage has emerged from the inside of a plane just moments after it skidded off a runway.


Terrified Pegasus passengers filmed screaming after plane skids off Turkey runway and dangles off a cliff

DRAMATIC footage has emerged showing inside a plane moments after it skidded off a runway and stopped on a hill just feet from the sea. The Pegasus Airlines jet came within yards of plunging into the freezing waters of the Black Sea when it skidded off th


Plane dangles off cliff after skidding off runway in Turkey

No one injured, and the 168 people on board the Pegasus Airlines flight from Ankara evacuated safely.        


Pegasus Airlines passenger plane skids off Turkish runway and down side of cliff stopping just feet from the sea

All 162 passengers and flight crew were safely evacuated from the plane after the incident at Trabzon Airport in Turkey


Plane skids off runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

The plane stopped with its nose nearly in the sea, but Pegasus Airlines said no passengers or crew were hurt.


Passenger jet skids off runway stopping just feet from the sea… but all 162 on board survive

A FULLY-booked passenger plane came within yards of plunging into the Black Sea when it skidded off an icy runway while trying to land. The jet’s 162 passengers had a lucky escape when the wheels of their Pegasus Airlines flight dug into the freezi


Airlines make life difficult for musicians, Kevin Brennan claims

Cardiff West MP Kevin Brennan calls or a code of practice to stop airlines forcing musicians to buy an extra seat for their instrument.


Company signs deal to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

A relative of one of the 239 passengers lost on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has said he is "very happy" that the search for the missing aircraft is resuming.

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Lands' End is making new American Airlines uniforms

American Airlines previously said it would end its relationship with its current uniform provider, Twin Hill, after employees complained about allergic reactions.


American Airlines plane forced to return to JFK Airport after someone mistakenly claimed they saw engine fire during take-off

Fire crews rushed to JFK Airport after someone had seen flames near the wing at about midday local time


Passenger accused of sexually assaulting sleeping woman on flight while sat beside his wife

Prabhu Ramamoorthy, 34, arrested in Michigan after incident on Spirit Airlines journey between Las Vegas and Detroit


Airlines are DITCHING seat-back TV screens on planes

THE money-saving move has not gone down well with all customers.

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