IT's Honest Trailer Tears Into The Movie's '80s Nostalgia

Last year's adaptation of Stephen King's IT was one of the most popular films of the year. Of course, that doesn't mean it was perfect, as the Honest Trailers team can always poke holes in even the best movies.


2017 Was Another Record-Tying Year For Hollywood Box Office Bombs

15 years of conditioning audiences to only go to the movies for event movies is having a most expected consequence.

Showbiz & TV

'The Last Jedi' director says the movie's polarizing final scene was almost taken out: 'We went back and forth in the editing room'

"The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson reveals that even in post production there was a mixed reaction about the final scene.


Rachael Leigh Cook Wants ‘Riverdale’ Role, Talks Josie And The Pussycats Differences

Though now a Hallmark Channel fan-favorite, Rachael Leigh Cook jumpstarted her career with teen movies like “She’s All That” in 1999 and “Josie and the Pussycats” in 2001, something she has no desire to forget.


Hallmark 2018 Schedule: All The New Romance And Mystery Movies, Shows Premiering

Hallmark held a panel during the Television Critics Association winter event on Saturday to announce a lot of the plans it has in store for 2018, from new standalone films to show premiere dates to new mystery movie franchises, and we have it all here for


Catherine Zeta-Jones was 'a wonderful kisser' during steamy sex scenes of 'Cocaine Godmother,' says co-star

Catherine Zeta-Jones is stripping away her movie star looks to become a real-life Colombian drug lord.


Movies You Might Have Missed: Tim Burton's Ed Wood

Johnny Depp stars as cult director Ed Wood in Burton's black and white comedy drama about one of the worst filmmakers in history


DC's 'The Flash' movie takes 'Spider-Man' writers from Marvel to direct

The minds behind one of Marvel’s most successful movies of 2017 are switching sides to helm an upcoming DC Comics film adventure.


'The Emoji Movie' becomes first film to play in Saudi Arabia following 35-year cinema ban

Following the lifted ban on cinemas in Saudi Arabia, the country screened its first public movie in 35 years in the form of “The Emoji Movie.”


The final feminine frontier: World’s first film all about periods due for release

IF you thought Sharknado was an odd movie concept, then you haven’t heard about Pad Man.

Top News

Keira Knightley snubs modern-day movies because the women 'nearly always get raped'

Atonement actor prefers historic drama because women are treated better in period features and the characters are more inspirational.

Life & Style

Dog-owners and cat-owners prefer different movies, make different salaries, says study

Do you consider yourself creative, enjoy a bit of classical music and still love an episode of "Seinfeld"? Chances are you’re a cat person, according to new findings.


Lebanon bans 'The Post' over director Steven Spielberg's support of Israel

Lebanon's censorship authorities are recommending a ban on Steven Spielberg's newspaper drama "The Post" ahead of its planned opening this week in movie theaters in Beirut.


Timothée Chalamet Is Donating His Salary From His Woody Allen Movie to Time’s Up

"I am learning that a good role isn't the only criteria for accepting a job"


7 actors who have publicly disavowed Woody Allen or donated their salaries to charity after working on his movies

Dylan Farrow's continued allegation that Woody Allen sexually assaulted her has shifted the perspective of stars like Greta Gerwig and Timothée Chalamet.


21 movies playing at the Sundance Film Festival that you need to know about

Here are the Sundance Film Festival movies you need to keep an eye out for.


Brit babe Elysia Wren grabs star role as hit movie series Fast & Furious goes live

LONDONER Elysia Wren is gearing up for life in the fast lane after landing a role in one of the hottest shows on earth.


Chris Hemsworth's '12 Strong' co-stars were in for a bumpy ride as horse soldiers

'12 Strong' tells the true tale of Green Berets fighting in rugged Afghanistan on horseback.        


Chris Hemsworth goes into '12 Strong' battle pondering Thor's future

With 'Infinity War' and 'Avengers 4' already shot, the Marvel star is contemplating his career after Thor.        


Fox Should Offer A 2-For-1 'Greatest Showman'/'Ferdinand' Double Feature

Tell me do you wanna go, where you get two movies for the price of one?

Life & Style

Space Movies Are Not Realistic - Except For One - Says Famed Astronaut

Astronaut Jack Lousma, one of six men who both orbited the earth on Skylab and then crewed aboard a Space Shuttle mission, says he doesn’t even bother watch Hollywood space movies. Find out why and the one space movie that he says is accurate.


'Jumanji' repeats at No. 1, topping 'The Post,' 'The Commuter' at MLK box office

A plethora of new releases, plus awards contenders like 'Darkest Hour,' pushed the box office to about $190 million for the holiday.        

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