Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reveal big wedding detail and instructions for guests as they surprise charities with huge gesture

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Patron of the Invictus Gam have asked guests to donate to seven charities [Getty] Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have requested their wedding guests to donate money instead of buying them gifts. Harry, 33, and Meghan, 36,

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Red, amber, green? Millions of us don't actually know the colour sequence of traffic lights

Researchers found more than one in 10 believe a single amber light is followed by a green signal, while 13 per cent mistakenly think it goes to a red and amber together


Africa is splitting in two, and here's the proof

A piece of East Africa is expected to break off the main continent in tens of millions of years.


Stonehenge rocks were in place ‘millions of years before people arrived’, says expert

STONEHENGE is one of Britain’s greatest mysteries, but one scientists thinks he’s cracked the secrets to its existence. Mike Pitts has mustered up an explanation as to why Stonehenge is where it is, and reckons the rocks were already there –


How much is Wrestlemania 34 ppv? Pay-per-view prices, live stream and TV channel for the UK

WRESTLEMANIA 34 is finally here and we have all the prices for PPV. Pay-per-view is the only way to watch WWE’s epic event, with there set to be millions and millions of viewers watching. Here is all you need to know about the big night. What TV ch


Facebook suspends another data analytics firm after CNBC discovers tactics like Cambridge Analytica

Data analytics firm CubeYou uses personality quizzes and apps clearly labeled for "non-profit academic research" to aid marketers in finding customers.


How much is Wrestlemania 34 ppv? Pay-per-view prices and live stream for the UK

IT’S almost time… Wrestlemania is back TONIGHT with millions… AND MILLIONS of viewers set to tune in. Here is all you need to know about the big night. What TV channel and live stream is Wrestlemania 34 on? As with all the big WWE pay-pe


The four rocket photographers whose work has been seen by millions – thanks to Elon Musk

Four young photographers are making their names known online with breathtaking photos of rocket launches.


Dr Pimple Popper on why millions of people love watching her squeeze spots on YouTube

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee – aka The Pimple Popper – reveals how zits have turned her into an internet sensation


Martin Lewis: Millions of graduates to repay less each month as student loans threshold rises - what it means for you

The Government has made some big changes for graduates - and for many it will mean much lower repayments


Russell Crowe 'divorce' auction sells millions worth of movie props

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A Roman-style chariot, gold Rolex watch, leather jock strap and a 128-year-old violin that all belonged to Australian actor Russell Crowe have been sold in an auction that reaped in more than $2.8 million dollars.

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EPA Chief Spent Millions on Security and Travel: Report

(WASHINGTON) — Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt’s concern with his safety came at a steep cost to taxpayers as his swollen security detail blew through overtime budgets and at times diverted officers away from investigating e


Syria: 'Absentees law' could see millions of refugees lose lands

Legislation could allow government confiscate properties of displaced Syrians unless they prove ownership in 30 days.

United States

EPA chief spent millions on security and travel

Altogether, the EPA spent millions of dollars for a 20-member full-time detail.


Bollywood star Khan gets bail after serving two days in jail for poaching

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Bollywood star Salman Khan, jailed on Thursday for five years for poaching, was granted bail by an Indian court on Saturday in a case being followed by tens of millions of fans and a movie industry that banks heavily on his popularity.


Brazil Debates Fate of Millions of Idled Donkeys

So many of the formerly useful and still ubiquitous beasts of burden populate rural northeastern Brazil that they have become a problem—and, some hope, lucrative fodder for slaughterhouses filling China’s nearly insatiable demand.


EPA chief Scott Pruitt has spent millions on security, travel: report

The security detail and travel expenses for Scott Pruitt, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, have cost taxpayers millions of dollars, a report said Saturday.


Has anyone won McDonald’s Monopoly in the UK, how much money can you win and what other prizes are available?

MCDONALD’S Monopoly is back for 2018 and with it the chance to win numerous exciting prizes. But what is the top cash prize up for grabs and has anyone ever won it? Has anyone ever won McDonald’s Monopoly in the UK? A spokesperson from McDonal


Millions watch extreme eating Korean mukbang star

Meet the Korean extreme eater keeping millions of people company at dinner time.


Ex-South Korean President Park Geun-hye jailed for 24 years for corruption

South Korea's first woman leader has had a dramatic fall from grace. She took tens of millions of dollars from companies in bribes and extortion.

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