Motorists of the world take heart: even popes get flat tires

LIMA (Reuters) - Pope Francis may have divine inspiration but not divine inflation: on Friday he suffered what millions of ordinary people have to deal with -- a flat tire.


Trump's Attacks On Women Worldwide Mean The Resistance Is Global

The president took a pen and signed a death warrant for millions of women around the world - but we won't be gagged


Russian minister warns against reviving Nazis at exhibition

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has opened an exhibition on the Holocaust in the former Soviet Union, saying the world has "a sacred duty" not only to commemorate the millions of victims "but to do everything in our power to prevent such tragedies


Britain agrees to pledge millions for border security measures in France

French President Emmanuel Macron won a significant victory Thursday when he and British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that Britain would pay for new border measures in France.


UK to pay millions to France to keep border agreement

Britain says it will pay France tens of millions of pounds (dollars) as part of a deal to maintain a key border agreement between the two countries.


UN alarmed as US cuts aid to Palestinian refugee agency

Officials warn the dignity and human security of millions of Palestinian refugees are at stake.


Gran's beautiful reaction as grandson surprises her with poignant song SHE wrote 30 years ago will bring you to tears

The utterly heartbreaking lyrics have been heard by millions around the world after it made it into the iTunes country top 40


China professor accused in #MeToo campaign is sacked

A student wrote on social media that he had tried to rape her - in a post read by millions.


Paris police say all stolen jewels and watches worth millions recovered at scene of botched Ritz Hotel robbery

A group of thieves attempting to rob one of Paris' most high end hotels appeared to have botched the heist as police reported Thursday all of the $5.4 million worth of stolen jewels and watches were found scattered at the scene and in a bag that was dropp


Jewels worth millions stolen from Ritz Hotel

Paris police are searching for at least two thieves suspected of stealing jewels possibly worth millions from the Ritz Hotel in Paris in a dramatic heist. (Jan. 11)        


Thieves make off with millions worth of jewels

A shop inside Paris' Ritz Hotel was robbed of millions of euros worth of jewels by thieves reportedly armed with axes.


Global warming puts millions at risk from river floods, study shows

BERLIN (AP) — Global warming will increase the risk of river flooding over the coming decades, endangering millions more people around the world, according to a study published Thursday.


Study: Warming puts millions more at risk from river floods

Scientists say millions more people around the world are threatened by river floods in coming decades due to climate change.


Jewels worth millions stolen in Paris Ritz armed robbery

Jewels worth millions stolen in Paris Ritz armed robbery. Video provided by AFP        


Police hunt for jewels, thieves after Ritz robbery in Paris

Paris police are searching for at least two thieves suspected of stealing jewels potentially worth millions from the Ritz Hotel during a dramatic heist.


Finding wreckage of Malaysia Airlines plane could earn US company millions, official says

A U.S.-based company that recently embarked on a new search mission for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could earn up to $70 million if the crucial wreckage is found within three months, Malaysian officials said Wednesday.


2018's multimillion dollar world tour

It's a year-round pursuit with millions of dollars at stake across the globe.


China to move millions of people from homes in anti-poverty drive

Mass relocation from remote rural villages is part of Xi Jinping’s goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2020Xiao Ercha lives in a tumbledown shanty beside a pigsty, thousands of kilometres and a world away from the awe-inspiring skyscrapers of Be


Winner scoops $450m lottery jackpot

Ticket matches all six numbers in Friday night's draw, claiming nation's 10th largest jackpot


Weather in the US gets even worse as icy water floods Boston

The storm is thought to have caused millions of dollars of damage in the city.


Will #MeToo spread in China?

One woman's story of being harassed by her professor has gone viral and been read by millions.


Quit your job because the Mega Millions jackpot is now $450m

Cut out the middleman and just hand in your notice now.


Millions of people are still being kept as slaves in India

A human rights panel will probe why 1,000 rescued workers have not been supported by authorities.

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