How to apply sunscreen properly: millions of Brits are getting it WRONG say experts

Current temperatures have us reaching for the factor 30; experts are concerned we're making mistakes in how we apply it


AI researchers earning over $1m at non-profit organisations

Salaries for top researchers soar as there are not many people who understand esoteric technology and thousands of companies need knowledgable employees


Rising Rents Put The Pinch On Millions Says New Study

A growing number of Americans are rent-burdened meaning they pay at least 30 percent of their income on housing. The trend is a dangerous one.

Top News

Armstrong agrees to pay $5 million to settle cheating lawsuit

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong will pay the United States $5 million for using performance-enhancing drugs while the US Postal Service was paying millions to sponsor his team, according to the US Department of Justice.


5 Signs You're Dealing With A Student Loan Scam

When you look at student loan debt statistics, the picture is pretty scary. With more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loans, it’s no surprise that millions of Americans feel trapped.

Showbiz & TV

Battle royale games like 'Fortnite' and 'PUBG' are taking over the world — but it might be all downhill from here

Battle royale-style games have taken over the world. "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," or "PUBG" for short, was the surprise smash hit of 2017. This year, the free-to-play game "Fortnite" has dominated the conversation, raking in millions of doll


Father-in-law of Trump lawyer Cohen reportedly loaned millions to Chicago cab mogul mentioned in warrants

Cohen's office and home were raided on April 9 as part of a criminal investigation of the lawyer by federal prosecutors.

Life & Style

Women have revealed why they really work out - and it's not just to stay fit

Instead of exercising purely to get fit, millions of chocolate and wine-loving women hit the gym to ‘earn’ the right to indulge in their favourite calorific foods


How Messaging App Telegram Gets Around Russia's Ban

Telegram CEO thanks four U.S. companies for still allowing his messaging app to be used by millions banned from it in Russia.


Nation's largest teachers union, frustrated with gun-makers' response to shootings, turn to pension managers

Groups representing millions of workers are pressuring what they see as an even bigger change-maker on guns.


Mint $2.5 Million Mickey Mantle Card Nearly Dumped In The Atlantic

In 1960 Topps' head card honcho, dumped hundreds of unsold cases of cards, including the 1952 Mantle, into the Atlantic Ocean. Today they would be worth tens of millions of dollars.

United States

Feud erupts between utility, US states over Colorado River

Tension over the drought-stressed Colorado River escalated into a public feud when four U.S. states accused Arizona's largest water provider of manipulating supply and demand, potentially threatening millions of people in the United States and Mexico who


Has anyone won McDonald’s Monopoly UK, how much cash can you win and what other prizes are out there?

MCDONALD’S Monopoly is back for 2018 and with it the chance to win numerous exciting prizes. But what’s the top cash prize up for grabs and has anyone ever won it? Has anyone ever won McDonald’s Monopoly in the UK? A spokesperson from Mc


Rebel Wilson damages 'a denial of natural justice', court told

Bauer barrister says there is insufficient evidence actor lost millions in potential earnings from defamatory articlesThere is insufficient evidence Rebel Wilson lost millions in potential earnings as a result of several defamatory articles in Australian


Millions made poorer by partner's bad credit ratings - how to protect yourself

If your finances are linked to someone else's, then their mistakes can see you struggle no matter how careful you are with your cash


Here’s what it costs restaurants when a foodborne illness outbreak occurs

A single foodborne illness outbreak could cost a restaurant millions, according to a study from Johns Hopkins.


Has a Russian intelligence agent hacked your wifi?

A global conflict is taking place on the internet – and your router may be more attractive to a foreign operative than you thinkAnother day, another hacking attack – or, in Monday’s case, another few million hacking attacks. Russia has been blamed b


Russia's Telegram block hits web users

Russia blocks millions of IP addresses in move to shut down Telegram messaging platform.


Has anyone won McDonald’s Monopoly UK, how much cash can you win and what other prizes are there?

MCDONALD’S Monopoly is back for 2018 and with it the chance to win numerous exciting prizes. But what’s the top cash prize up for grabs and has anyone ever won it? Has anyone ever won McDonald’s Monopoly in the UK? A spokesperson from Mc


Russian hackers ‘stole fingerprints of millions of Americans by hiding a secret code in software later bought by the FBI’

FINGERPRINT systems used by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies contain code written by a Russian company linked to the Kremlin, according to a report. Two former employees of a French defence contractor say the company inserted Russian-made code i


Facebook could have to pay 'billions' in damages in class action lawsuit over facial recognition (FB)

Reuters/Leah Millis Facebook faces a class-action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition technology to tag people in photos. The decision by a US district judge means the company could be sued by millions of US users. According to the judge's order,


Russia targeting MILLIONS of UK computers for major cyber attack, top spooks warn

RUSSIA has infiltrated thousands of British computer networks for cyber attacks, GCHQ and the FBI warned. Millions have been targeted here and in the US, they revealed. In an unprecedented move, the two trans-Atlantic intelligence agencies also issued urg

Life & Style

Why Camping Is Rising in Popularity, Especially Among Millennials

Millions of North Americans go camping every year, and it continues to rise in popularity. Here’s why.

United States

T-Mobile fined $40 million over failing calls and false ringtones in rural areas

An investigation showed a "practice of injecting false ring tones" into hundreds of millions of calls.


US And UK Say Russia Has Infected 'Millions Of Computers' In Wave Of Cyber Attacks

The United States and United Kingdom on Monday said that Russian government-backed hackers have infected computer routers around the world in a cyber espionage campaign that targeted government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure operators.US


Sore throats and false nails – the ambulance call-outs that cost millions

Overstretched ambulance services are increasingly being called out for non-emergencies


Some Stock Pickers Are Ready to Drop the 'F' in FANG

Stock-picking fund managers have soured on Facebook since the social network’s revelation that millions of users’ data were compromised, with some either partially or completely abandoning their positions.

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