Mario Vargas Llosa: murder of Mexican journalists is due to press freedom

Nobel prize-winning novelist causes outrage with commentsMore than 100 journalists killed in Mexico in past decadeNobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa has provoked outrage in Mexico by saying that the murder of more than 100 journalists in Mexico over the pa

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Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy protection

The studio co-founded by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been crippled by the sexual harassment and assault allegations that were first made against him late last year.


Gaddafi's son Saif 'to run for Libyan president' in 2018 elections 

The son of the late Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi is to run as a candidate in the country’s presidential elections this year, according to local media reports.

United States

Lawmaker who said Rothschilds control the climate apologizes

A D.C. Council member apologized for a social media post in which he claimed that Jewish financiers control the climate.


Fraudsters are using Facebook to SPY on you, NatWest bank warns

CROOKS and fraudsters are using Facebook and other social media sites to spy on potential victims and steal their cash. A new report from Natwest has revealed the newest money scams that Brits need to be aware of in 2018 and beyond. And top of the list is

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'Curvy' Instagrammer's inspiring message about 'Mr. 6-Pack' husband goes viral

A body-positive woman has taken to social media to open up about being married to her handsome husband.


The Podcast App aims to be the simplest way to listen to podcasts

While it sometimes feels like everyone has a podcast nowadays, the truth is that most Americans still don’t listen to podcasts regularly. The Y Combinator-backed team behind The Podcast App is planning to change that. And yes, that’s the app


Cory Booker, on 'The View,' wants to discuss the future, not Hillary: ‘Clinton lost the electoral vote’

Sen. Cory Booker didn’t want to discuss Hillary Clinton’s recent controversial comments during an appearance on ABC News’ “The View” on Monday, telling the panel that he’s focused on the future while reminding viewers that Democrats lost the e

United Kingdom

Child rescued from car in Cardigan river

A woman claims on social media a vehicle was stolen with her daughter, aged three, in the back.


Meltwater has acquired DataSift to double down on social media analytics

In a week when all eyes are on Facebook and the subject of how data about us on social media platforms gets used without us knowing, there’s been some consolidation afoot in the world of media-based big data services. DataSift, the London-based com


Media companies prefer YouTube for video (GOOGL, FB)

BI IntelligenceThis story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Digital Media Briefing" subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider. To be the first to know, pleaseclick here.A growing number of media companies and publishers favor YouTube over Fac


Channel 4 reveals 28.6% gender pay gap

Broadcaster also reveals that two-thirds of its top 100 best paid staff are menWomen at Channel 4 earn almost 30% less in average hourly pay than men working at the broadcaster, where two-thirds of the top 100 best paid staff are men. Related: Gender pay



Facebook is using us. It is actively giving away our information. It is creating an echo chamber in the name of connection. It surfaces the divisive and destroys the real reason we began using social media in the first place – human connection. It i


Crisis manager questions why Trump's use of social media data is 'sleazy' and Obama's 'innovative'

Eric Dezenhall says the public adored Obama after he credited his 2008 election in part to social media.


How children are vulnerable to junk food ads on social media

Social media platforms can identify children who are most interested in or vulnerable to junk food and its advertising

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The Facebook breach makes it clear: data must be regulated

Companies use our personal information to enrich themselves. Regulation of this practice is long overdueThe Observer reported on Saturday that Cambridge Analytica acquired 50 million Facebook profiles from a researcher in 2014. This appears to have been a


Five Tips For Driving Earned Media Results

Earn stellar media placements by being persistent but respectful of reporters' time.


Anger as TV broadcasts exclude Crimea from Ukraine map

When maps of Ukraine excluding the region annexed by Russia were broadcast, social media users took notice.


Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Proposes Way to Detect the 'Multiverse'

Stephen Hawking's final research paper could help astronomers find evidence that our universe is just one among many in a larger "multiverse," according to media reports.


What Investors Should Expect if AT&T Loses

A victory for the Justice Department over AT&T in their antitrust battle creates a more interesting—and more uncertain—situation in the media and telecom industries, and for deal-making, than if AT&T wins.


'We've been too slow to regulate Facebook': your best comments today

A look at some of the most interesting discussion today, including around Cambridge Analytica and Facebook revelationsRevelations about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have provoked thoughtful discussion around the site on Monday. We’re also looking at


Edward Snowden blasts Facebook as a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media’ after 50 MILLION profiles exploited

CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden has accused Facebook of being a “surveillance company” which makes its money selling private details of its users. It comes after the social media giant suspended data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, which


‏Facebook’s Inaction Over Groups Like Britain First Was A Kick In Our Collective Teeth

‏Three weeks ago former colleagues within Tell MAMA, the national anti-Muslim hate monitoring project, analysed Britain First and its Facebook page.‏They looked at the number of followers gained by the page on a week-by-week basis and from 27 Febr


France's government to fight racism and anti-Semitism online

France's government has presented a plan to better fight against racism and anti-Semitism, focusing on social media and prevention in schools.


How to download ALL your Facebook data – we reveal how much info the site holds on you

FACEBOOK stores staggering amounts of data on the people who use its platform – after all, we upload 2.5 billion pieces of content every single day. But how much data does the social media giant really hold on us? More than you’d probably like. Th


Alt-right is dying, but powerful conservatives are mainstreaming its ideas

The alt-right movement is crumbling, but conservative media is working to normalize its noxious views


'It might work too well': the dark art of political advertising online

Digital campaigns have evolved from banner ads 20 years ago to Cambridge Analytica harvesting our Facebook data. Has the rise of micro-targeting become a threat to democracy? Alan Gould was hitting a wall. It was the late 1990s, and the political advertis

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My advice after a year without tech: rewild yourself | Mark Boyle

We can’t all go and live in the woods, of course. But if we resist debt, resist gadgets, and reconnect with nature, the world might just changeHaving once been an early adopter of tech, I was an unlikely early rejector. But it has now been over a year s


Reporting on 'African gangs' akin to 'media terrorism', says Melbourne campaigner

Co-founder of the #AfricanGangs campaign says coverage of so-called street gangs of South Sudanese youths has been ‘nightmare’ for communityThe co-founder of the #AfricanGangs campaign says widespread media coverage connecting crime to people of Afric


Snapchat's UK ad revenue set to overtake Twitter's next year

UK arm – which earns about 10% of app’s global ad revenues – is forecast to bring in £181mSnapchat is so popular in Britain that its advertising revenue will overtake Twitter’s UK revenue in 2019, and revenue from consumer magazine and cinema adv


Navratilova: BBC pays McEnroe 10 times more for Wimbledon role

Tennis champion says fellow pundit John McEnroe earns at least £150,000, while she is paid £15,000Tennis champion Martina Navratilova has accused the BBC of valuing male voices more than female voices, after discovering that fellow Wimbledon pundit John

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