Undiscovered sharks the size of SCHOOL BUSES could be lurking in the ocean – shock claim

ENORMOUS sharks could be lurking undiscovered in the murky depths of the sea, a commentator has sensationally claimed. 


Incredible underwater photos of hammerheads, loved-up swans and WW2 shipwrecks reveal the treasures lurking under the waves

INCREDIBLE underwater snaps have revealed the glorious treasures lurking below the waves. From hammerhead sharks and loved-up swans, to feisty crabs ready for battle, this eerie world has been spectacularly caught on camera for this year’s Underwater Ph

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Will this ancient Japanese undersea volcano be reborn? Massive lava dome found lurking underneath

Japan's KiKai Caldera was formed 7,300 years ago after a supereruption created a giant depression in the land.


Photographer Catches 'Boogie Man Nebula' Lurking Behind Light Pollution

The Boogie Man Nebula haunts the cosmos in this deep-space image by astrophotographer Jeff Johnson. Also known as Lynds' Dark Nebula (LDN) 1622, this dark cloud of interstellar dust and gas lies about 500 light-years away in the constellation of Orion.


SAPVoice: Self-Driving Slippers And Other Autonomous Oddities That Will Amaze You

In these heady days of digital disruption, you never know what oddball invention is lurking around the corner.


Camouflaged snake found lurking in family’s compost pile protecting its nest of eggs – so can you spot it?

LURKING in compost heap, a mother snake protecting her nest is so well camouflaged she is almost impossible to spot. The challenge was posted on Facebook by Aussie snake catcher Lockie Gilding, who was called out to remove it from a family’s back g


Stuffed tiger causes 45-minute police standoff at Scottish farm

The incident began when Bruce Grubb, 24, thought he saw the large cat lurking on his farm in Peterhead, Scotland        

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'It aggressively bit his face': 'Six-pack mom' Sarah Stage reveals her son was attacked by a dog

Sarah Stage said the dog bit her son's face because he was eating a snack while the canine was lurking near him.

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'Perfect' £7.50 baby shampoo adults with eczema swear by is sold every two minutes

The extremely popular baby product could already be lurking in your bathroom

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