‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Brandon Routh Teases Ray’s Interaction With Matt Ryan’s Constantine

Will Brandon Routh and Matt Ryan be sharing a lot of screen time in the midseason premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow”? Speaking at the “Black Lightning” world premiere last weekend, Routh told ComicBook.com that he didn’t have

Showbiz & TV

Chris Hemsworth asks a lot of Miley Cyrus when he sees her

The Thor actor has described what it’s like to have her in the family.

Top News

Inside Monaco's $48,000-a-night Princess Grace hotel suite

You can do a lot with $48,000 -- pick up a couple of basic SUVs, acquire three Bitcoins or even buy a small house.

Life & Style

There are 3 things you need to know before traveling to Cuba — and it will make or break your trip

Cuba is a unique country to visit. Knowing a few travel tips beforehand can make your trip a lot more fun and a lot less stressful.


5 myths about cardio that you need to stop believing

Most people know that cardio is important — but there are a lot of pervasive myths


US Navy veteran's mother denied visa to attend son's funeral

'He's done a lot for this country but what will this country do for him?'


Ann Curry could enact revenge on Matt Lauer in first TV interview since his 'Today' firing

Ann Curry has done a lot since she was pushed out by disgraced anchor Matt Lauer from the "Today" show in 2015.


Airbnb Lets You Pay Less Up Front

This will make things much easier.


United Airlines flight diverted after 'toilets reach capacity'

A passenger aboard a United flight from Denver to Hawaii claims the airline “ruined a lot of people’s vacations” by failing to service the plane’s bathrooms before takeoff on Sunday.


Nuclear Power Provides A Whole Lot More Than Just Energy

Like all nuclear power plants, the nuclear plant near Richland, WA provides a significant economic boon to the region, providing over 9 billion kWhs of carbon-free electricity at-cost, $690 million in economic output and supporting 4,000 jobs/year, all wh


White supremacists to Trump: Welcome back! We still love you

Daily Stormer proclaims Trump is "on the same page as us"; David Duke says president has restored "a lot of love"


Gary Neville predicts impact Alexis Sanchez's impending arrival at Manchester United will have on Romelu Lukaku

The Red Devils striker might have a lot more competition for a place in the first team if Sanchez agrees terms


Jaguars make emphatic statement with upset of Steelers

There wasn't a lot of chatter about the Jacksonville Jaguars' chances in their first playoff appearance since the 2007 season.


This is the worst Arsenal team in more than 20 years - and it's about to get a lot worse

Arsenal look horribly short in every department as they squandered a lead and lost to out-of-form Bournemouth

Life & Style

11 fitness myths that are doing more harm than good

A lot of fitness advice won't help you meet your goals, and could do more harm than good. Here's some science on the healthiest ways to tone up.

United Kingdom

Holidays are about to get a lot cheaper… so here’s how YOU can bag yourself a brilliant deal in 2018

BRITS will enjoy lower costs in two out of five popular holiday destinations in 2018, a new study reveals. The fall is driven by sterling’s year-on-year gains against 70 percent of the top 40 holiday currencies, according to Post Office Travel Mone


19 lucrative jobs with tons of opportunities in 2018

LinkedIn broke down some of the most promising jobs of 2018, and a lot of the occupations are engineering gigs.


10 Christmas presents that could be worth an absolute fortune

These gifts could be worth a lot more than just face value in years to come - and you may well have one sitting in your bedroom

United States

People are saying Apple should buy Netflix. Forget it. It's too late

There's been a lot of talk about Apple possibly buying Netflix. Forget it, says Eric Jackson.

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