We may now know why Trump and his lawyer made their most brazen calls yet for the Mueller investigation to be shut down

Thomson Reuters Just before President Donald Trump and his lawyer made their boldest appeal yet for the Russia investigation to be shut down, the special counsel Robert Mueller reportedly sent over a list of questions to the president. Mueller is still s


Gowdy: Trump's lawyer did president a 'disservice' in urging end to Mueller probe

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy on Sunday split with President Trump and lawyer John Dowd’s apparent efforts to try to end the special counsel’s Russia investigation, saying Dowd did the president a “disservice” and that investigators need the “time,

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Africa's only female president to resign over expense claims

The president of Mauritius will resign this week over claims she used a credit card provided to her by an NGO for personal expenses, her lawyer said.


Donald Trump's personal lawyer calls for end to Russia investigation after firing of Andrew McCabe

Democrats in Congress react angrily to suggestion and say the president faces 'severe consequences' if he attempts to curtail investigation


Trump Lawyer John Dowd calls for an end to Robert Mueller probe

On the heels of the Andrew McCabe firing, Dowd calls the Justice Department to put an end to Mueller probe


Trump's Personal Lawyer Is Now Calling For End To Russia Probe

He called for "an end to alleged Russia Collusion investigation."

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President Trump’s Personal Lawyer Calls for Mueller Probe to Be Shut Down

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should shut down the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign. “Just end it on the merits in light of recent revelations


Trump's lawyer calls for end to Russia investigation after McCabe's axing

The president’s personal attorney said on Saturday that he hopes Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein will fire Robert Mueller.


Trump's lawyer calls for Russia probe to be shut down

President Trump’s personal attorney John Dowd called on Saturday for FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe to be shut down.


'Red alert time': Trump's personal attorney is now calling for Robert Mueller to be fired

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque President Donald Trump's personal defense lawyer, John Dowd, reportedly said it's time for the special counsel Robert Mueller to be fired. Dowd initially said he was making the statement in his official capacity as Trump's attorney


Mauritius President Gurib-Fakim to resign - lawyer

The Mauritian president has been attacked for spending large sums on a charity-provided bank card.


Trump lawyer claims porn star Stormy Daniels is liable for $20million 

Donald Trump's lawyer claims porn actress Stormy Daniels is liable for at least $20 million (£14,340,000) for violating a nondisclosure agreement she says prevents her from discussing an alleged affair with the president, according to a Frid


Pornhub star Stormy Daniels was threatened with ‘physical harm’ over Donald Trump sex claims, her lawyer says

A PORN star who claimed she had sex with Donald Trump before he became President has been threatened with physical harm, according to her lawyer. Stormy Daniels is trying to overturn a secrecy deal she signed days before the 2016 election so she can revea

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Stormy Daniels Could Owe $20 Million in Damages, Trump Lawyer Says

Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, wants a lawsuit brought by porn actress Stormy Daniels moved to federal court, and claims the woman could owe $20 million in damages for violating a non-disclosure agreement. The Friday court filing seeks to mov


Stormy Daniels 'physically threatened over Donald Trump affair,' her lawyer claims

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who says she had an affair with Donald Trump was ordered to stay silent, her lawyer has claimed.

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Getty lawyer says FX's 'Trust' portrays family in 'defamatory, wildly sensationalized' way

Martin Singer, representing Ariadne Getty, called the upcoming series a "smear' and demanded to review all episodes in a letter to FX and producers.        


AnnMarie Wolpe obituary

My friend AnnMarie Wolpe, who has died aged 87, was an anti-apartheid activist and feminist. Throughout her life, she displayed enormous resilience, sustained by an ironic sense of humour and wonderful elan.In 1963, her husband, Harold Wolpe, a civil righ

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Porn actress Stormy Daniels physically threatened over Trump: lawyer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The adult film actress known as Stormy Daniels was physically threatened and warned to remain silent about her relationship with President Donald Trump, her lawyer told MSNBC and CNN on Friday.

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Stormy Daniels' lawyer says porn star was physically threatened to remain silent over alleged affair with Trump

Stormy Daniels' lawyer says that she has received hush money and more recently physical threats to stay silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, USA Today reports.

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Stormy Daniels' attorney claims she was physically threatened

The lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, the porn star suing President Donald Trump, claimed Friday that she has faced physical threats.

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Stormy Daniels' lawyer claims 6 more women with stories similar to his client's

The lawyer representing the porn star Stormy Daniels says six additional women have come forward with similar experiences to that of his client as of Thursday evening -- some who he says also claim to have nondisclosure agreements.


Rihanna Calls Out Snapchat Over Domestic Violence Ad, Chris Brown's Lawyer Speaks Out

Rihanna and Chris Brown may no longer be dating, but the exes both agreed that a recent ad on Snapchat was completely inappropriate. The “Love on the Brain” singer slammed the app for making light of domestic violence, and shortly after, her ex-boyfri


The Trump Organization was reportedly tied to the $130,000 hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels

Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The Wall Street Journal tied the Trump Organization to the Stormy Daniels saga for the first time on Wednesday. A top Trump Organization lawyer was listed as counsel in an arbitration filing involving the Delaware company that Pr

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