Who is Love Island presenter Caroline Flack's boyfriend? Inside her love life - what happened with Andrew Brady plus her age and twin

From Harry Styles and Muggy Mike to her foot fetish and secret twin sister, the TV host leads one interesting life


From HuffPost UK Comedy To The Brightside: How We're Expanding To Cover More Good News

 Donald Trump, Brexit, Russia: Let’s admit it - some topics that dominate the day-to-day news agenda can really drag us down. While these issues are, of course, interesting and important to cover, we listened to our readers who wanted some


The Point: Did Michael Flynn Jr. just reveal something very, very important about the Russia investigation?

On Monday morning, Michael Flynn Jr., the son of President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, tweeted something very, well ... interesting.


23 fascinating things you never knew about penguins

Christopher Michel/Flickr World Penguin Day is coming up on April 25, and INSIDER has you covered with some fascinating penguin trivia. From one-foot-tall blue penguins, the world's smallest species, to gentoo penguins, who can reach speeds of 22 mil


Local unemployment rates reveal a surprising amount about what's going on in the economy — and they're hinting at a boom in manufacturing

UBS used estimates of how county-level unemployment has changed in the last years to illustrate broader trends in the economy. Unemployment trends in counties dependent on the oil industry provide an interesting view on the state of the energy market over


Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry grow closer

Containers are eating the software world — and Kubernetes is the king of containers. So if you are working on any major software project, especially in the enterprise, you will run into it sooner or later. Cloud Foundry, which hosted its semi-annual

Showbiz & TV

Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are better with female superheroes — and 5 other facts from Rotten Tomatoes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrates its 10-year anniversary in a few weeks. "Iron Man," which started this whole thing, came out on May 2, 2008. And the MCU will reach its biggest height (so far) with "Avengers: Infinity War," which comes out April 2


PUBG's New Savage Map Will Drop Players Underground

PUBG's latest map, known as Savage, is undergoing quite a bit of testing at this point but the developer decided to share at least one interesting detail concerning the map's future: Players are going to be able to go underground in a major way.


How Solo: A Star Wars Story Handled Chewbacca's Dialogue

Chewbacca isn't exactly easy to understand, which is why Solo: A Star Wars Story took an interesting approach to the Wookie's dialogue.


Leon Bailey's future at Bayer Leverkusen in further question after adoptive father's social media blast

Bailey has a burgeoning reputation after a breakout season and is interesting a number of Premier League clubs

Life & Style

8 sex secrets every new parent should know - according to other mums who've tried them

Sex can take a back seat once baby arrives - but these eight mums have some interesting advice on how to get the spark back


DC Films Is Learning The Right Lessons From 'Justice League's Failure, 'Wonder Woman's Success

Hiring the likes of Steven Spielberg and Ava DuVernay to helm inherently interesting movies is a huge step in the right direction.

TV & Radio

How Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Is Making Its Zombies More Interesting

Fear the Walking Dead is doing something a little different with its ever-present walker threat. Here's what Maggie Grace told CinemaBlend.


Test anxiety can be debilitating. But schools can help students manage it

Helping students understand the nature of anxiety makes all the difference to how well they are able to cope in stressful situations Related: Government unveils controversial plans for testing four-year-olds In a 2015 interview with the Guardian, author


Ezra Miller's Description Of Wearing The Flash Suit Is Hilarious And Revealing

Wearing an elaborate costume often comes with playing a superhero, and Ezra Miller's has an interesting description of his Flash suit.


The Justice League Reference That Shows Up In Rampage

Rampage is the number one movie at the box office and is a huge hit for Warner Bros. Inside the new movie you'll find a reference to another big Warner Bros. movie, which is, coincidentally or not, made to an interesting character.


Charon, Pluto's Biggest Moon, Has Some Interesting Names For Its Surface Features

Pluto sits several thousand miles away, but that doesn’t mean the scientific community has forgotten the tiny world. Just recently, International Astronomical Union (IAU), the body responsible for the nomenclature of celestial objects announced names fo

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