Is Facebook launching a completely wireless VR headset in May?

FACEBOOK will release the first wireless Oculus virtual reality headset on May 1, according to a new report. Unveiled in October, the $199 standalone device doesn’t require a separate (pricey) PC to power its gaming and entertainment output. Instead


U.S. Tariffs to Be in Spotlight at G-20 Summit

Global finance ministers meeting this week in Buenos Aires were planning to focus on topics like the workforce in an age of automation and how to boost infrastructure investment. Instead, their attention has turned to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum.


Free and freezy… top money saving tips from Sun readers — plus how you can get two free tickets to Alton Towers Resort

IT’S St Patrick’s Day – but you don’t need the luck of the Irish to save big today. Instead, take a tip from our canny community of Sun Savers. Every month thousands of readers are joining the Sun Savers club to make a free fiver, simply for readi

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Flight mix-up takes German Shepherd to Japan

A 10-year old German Shepherd was supposed to join his family in Kansas. Instead, he landed in Japan.


If you buy an Xbox One X next week, you'll get a free copy of Sea of Thieves

Microsofthas announcedthat all purchases of an Xbox One X next week will include a free copy of Rare's imminent multiplayer pirate extravaganza, Sea of Thieves.There is, alas, no custom console on this occasion (you'll need to opt for thelimited edition S

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Witnesses were 'sprinting over' to help

They saw a 950-ton bridge turn to rubble in front of their eyes, but they didn't run away. Instead, they rushed to help others.


Twitter working on ‘camera first’ feature to kill Snapchat for good

TWITTER wants to be more like Snapchat with a new “camera-first feature”, according to latest reports. The social network is tipped to shift its focus away from text and pivot to video and images instead. A big reason why Twitter is so famous


Airline that killed puppy flew another dog to Japan instead of Kansas

United wrongly sent Irgo the German shepherd 6,200 miles to Tokyo Narita Airport

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Let's study it instead: Commissions can be policy graveyard

It's a time-tested Washington strategy for making a difficult policy question disappear: death by "blue ribbon" commission.


Dumping, Cheating And Illegality: Trump Misleads The Public On Steel Tariffs

If the President and his administration want to make the case that imports of steel and aluminum into the United States are unfair, they have well-honed tools to do so. If, instead, they present no evidence of cheating, it is blatantly misleading to act a


Elegy for the Pension Plan

Is the 401(k) an "experiment that failed"? Or is the "experiment," instead, the traditional employer pension itself?


'Stand Down': How The Obama Team Blew The Response To Russian Meddling

After two weeks or so of deliberations, the White House put these options on hold. Instead, Obama and his aides came up with


RAD is a new system to help the visually impaired play racing games

 A PhD candidate in Computer Science at Columbia Engineering, Brian A. Smith, created a new system for blind gamers who want to get a little racing in. The system, called racing auditory display or RAD, is truly amazing. It lets the visually impaired


107 House Republicans send letter to Trump asking him not to do his tariff plan

If Trump must impose tariffs, Republicans called on him to focus on "China's unfair practices" instead.


GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney blasts “fake news” media for accurately reporting her gun shooting claims

A New York congresswoman, when faced with questions she didn't like, just yells Fake News instead

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