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Senate panel to probe Hawaii alerts as FCC investigates

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate panel plans to hold a Jan. 25 hearing on the errant Hawaii ballistic missile alert that stirred panic and anger as the Federal Communications Commission investigates the matter.


Is that a missile in your pocket? Pornhub traffic in Hawaii crashed after false ballistic alert

False alarm warning Hawaiians of incoming ballistic missile attack leads to slump in traffic to popular sex site.


Pornhub usage spiked in Hawaii after false ballistic missile alert

Pornhub reported the traffic on its website during the ballistic missile alert in Hawaii dropped but shot back up after the alarm was found to be false.


If we're about to be annihilated by a massive nuclear missile, who should tell us?

Hawaii is the only US state with a pre-programmed alert that can be sent to wireless devices warning of a ballistic missile attack. Should that change?


Hawaii’s False Alarm Exposes U.S. Civil Defense Gaps

Three days after Hawaii’s false ballistic-missile alert triggered panic across the islands, causing people to run for cover and family members to issue tearful goodbyes, the Japanese public broadcaster NHK texted out a news alert instructing citize

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After a Bogus Missile Warning, Hawaii’s Lawmakers Ask Whether State or Federal Officials Should Be Sending Alerts

Hawaii is the only state in the nation with a pre-programmed alert that can be quickly sent to wireless devices

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No bail for ex-death row inmate charged with sex trafficking

An exonerated death row inmate from Delaware has been ordered held without bail on a sex trafficking charge in Hawaii.


Dustin Johnson back in UAE for Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship

Johnson's recent victory in Hawaii doesn't mean much when it comes to this week's tournament.        

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Hawaii woman claims boyfriend suffered heart attack after false ballistic missile alert

A Hawaii man apparently suffered a heart attack Saturday after residents were falsely told a ballistic missile was heading their way, the man’s girlfriend said Tuesday.

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Man said goodbye to children when he had a heart attack brought on by the shock of Hawaii's missile alert

Local reports said that Sean Sheilds, 51, managed to say goodbye to his children before collapsing in a health center after Hawaii authorities mistakenly sent out a missile alert.

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Man who fled Hawaii psychiatric hospital pleads not guilty

A lawyer for a man who walked out of a Hawaii psychiatric hospital and flew to California has pleaded not guilty on his behalf but acknowledged it's obvious his client escaped.


News outlet accidentally sends another fake North Korean missile alert — this is our world now

Japanese broadcaster NHK announced that North Korea had launched an attack. Just as in Hawaii, it was an error


Humpback whale entangled in 285ft of rope freed by rescuers off coast of Hawaii

Ocean giant breaches 'several times' next to response team after being released


Japan's national broadcaster wrongly sends out North Korea missile warning - days after Hawaii sent accidental emergency message

Japan's national broadcaster sent out a message warning the country of an imminent North Korean missile attack, which later turned out to be a false alarm.


Pope Francis Warns We’re at ‘the Very Limit’ of Nuclear War

His comment comes after Hawaii sent out a false missile alert

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The Person Who Sent Hawaii’s False Missile Alert Has Been Reassigned

They're "in a role that does not provide access to the warning system"


Hawaii missile alert: Authorities blame lack of adequate fail-safe measures for false nuclear strike warning

Employee responsible 'temporarily reassigned', says state's Emergency Management Agency spokesman, announcing investigation into blunder that sparked panic

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Hawaii's false missile alert: FCC chief warns about 'Boy Who Cried Wolf' effect

It was a false alarm this time, but if it happens again, don’t consider it a joke.

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