Rana Plaza collapsed five years ago and 1,100 people died for your clothes – remember them

We desperately need to be more ethical when it comes to our consumerist habits.

Life & Style

Around the world in healthy days: What other countries can teach us about looking after ourselves

After Finland topped the 2018 World Happiness Index of 156 countries, we check out the global health habits that are worth copying


Cage-Free-Egg Laws Spur Cage Match Between States

Although some consumers say they want eggs from happy chickens, their buying habits indicate they want eggs that are cheap. Now some states are taking sides.


Retail defaults are at an all-time high — here are all the bankruptcies and liquidations so far in 2018

Retailers are filing for bankruptcy at record-high rates. Nine West, Claire's, and The Bon-Ton Stores are among the companies that have filed for bankruptcy so far this year. Retailers are filing for bankruptcy at record-high rates as Americans' changin


Time you shop to how you pay, change your supermarket habits and trim your bill — plus how you can win two free tickets to Shrek’s Adventure

HERE’S some food for thought – are you spending too much on your super-market shop? The average family’s weekly food bill costs more than £50, according to the Office for National Statistics, and it is all too easy to pile up your trolley with prod


Five Smart And Doable Ways To Eat Less Sugar

If you enjoy fizzy drinks on the reg or love to snack on mint chocolate chip ice cream for an afternoon pick-me-up, you might want to stop and rethink your eating habits, ASAP. Here are five simple tips to slash your sugar intake and get in shape at the s

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Healthy people waste the most food, study finds

Turns out your healthy eating habits might be impacting the environment in a negative way.

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Window seat or aisle? After Southwest incident, some fliers think twice

CNNMoney readers discuss whether a fatal accident on a Southwest flight will affect their flying habits.

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UK supermarket employing ‘health food police’ to monitor shoppers' carts

A large chain of British supermarkets is aiming to curb its customers’ unhealthier habits with the aid of “healthy eating specialists.”


Scientists aim to understand habits of a German giraffe

A giraffe in a German zoo has been outfitted with a transmitter to help scientists learn more about his habits to better protect the species in the wild.


6 personal finance habits everyone should get into

These tips will help you spend less and save more. Talk about a win-win.


Five things to do with empty retail space

As the High Street comes under pressure and shopping habits change, what can be done to fill vacant shops?


20 surprising habits that could be harming your health

Sean Gallup/Getty Images Your everyday habits could be taking a major toll on your health. Leftover food might be convenient, but you're really just setting yourself up for bloating and fatigue. Having lunch at your desk makes you more likely to forget a


Pence's office confuses Peru's president ahead of summit

Some bad habits die hard when it comes to U.S. politicians traveling to Latin America.


The top five bad driving habits most likely to get your car written off revealed – are YOU at risk?

DODGY driving is causing cars to be written off – and these bad habits are to blame. Brits have had their say on the antics that are most likely to end in a motor being sent to the scrapheap. A poll of more than 5,000 drivers who’ve had to scr


In Defense of Using Your Phone on the Toilet

Should toilet readers yield to decency and hygiene, or read on without shame?


The world’s biggest cruise line uses this psychological trick to make you spend more money (RCL)

Royal Caribbean increased revenues by allowing customers to purchase more goods and services they would use during the cruise while they were booking it. Doing so makes onboard expenses seem smaller at the time of purchase and changes the way customers th


7 'micro-habits' that will make you better with money

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters "Micro-habits" are small, everyday habits that can have a positive impact on your finances in the long-run.  Listening to an informative podcast or reading a book each day can relax your mind and can be a good way to learn mor

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