Financial Sinkhole States In The Trump Tax Era

What damage will the loss of a deduction do to blue states with stiff taxes?

Life & Style

A Chrysler Imperial That's an Emblem of the Roaring '20s

Joe Wortley’s 1929 Chrysler Imperial roadster, once owned by boxing great Jack Dempsey, is a symbol of an era when sports stars were gods.

United Kingdom

In the era of Trump and fake news, Americans are less interested in 'facts' than ever

When discussing public issues, Americans are significantly less reliant on facts than they were two decades ago, the report suggests.

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Could Cold War era fallout shelters protect you from modern North Korean nukes?

Fallout shelters are seen in many major cities, but in case of a nuclear war, should you or should you not run to them?


Sweden to reissue Cold War era booklet on war threat

Sweden says it will issue an updated version of a Cold War-era civil emergency advice booklet, reflecting Stockholm's concerns of a worsened security situation in the Baltic Sea region.


Detroit Auto Show may be celebrating an era that's about to end

Three years of record sales mask signs that harder times lie ahead: bigger incentives, more fleet purchases and higher used-car values.


Netanyahu and Modi praise 'new era' in India -Israel ties

Benjamin Netanyahu becomes first Israeli PM to visit India in more than a decade.

Life & Style

Are skirts for men the next big fashion trend?

In an era during which rules seem meant to be broken — and more and more people are calling for gender equality — it should surprise no one that the fashion world is the head cheerleader for change.


Obama-era Pentagon official knocks Trump for golfing during Hawaii false alarm

Hawaii’s botched missile alert Saturday gave a former Obama administration official an opportunity to tee off on President Donald Trump -- even though the false alarm was a state-level gaffe.


DiCaprio to star in Charles Manson-era Tarantino movie

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Leonardo DiCaprio will star in a movie set around the Charles Manson murders, Hollywood entertainment publications reported on Friday, but he will not play the role of the American cult leader.


Nasa creates amazing new navigation technique that could herald new era in space exploration

The technology works in much the same way as Global Positioning Systems on Earth, albeit on a cosmic scale.


D-backs, Corbin reach $7.5M, 1-year deal to avoid arbitration

The 28-year-old was 14-13 with a 4.03 ERA last season and made $3.95 million.

United States

Attorney general's team to review Obama-era Hezbollah probes

The Justice Department is forming a team of prosecutors to investigate drug trafficking and money laundering linked to Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant movement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday.


French Actress Catherine Deneuve Says #MeToo Movement Has Gone Too Far

Many including women rights activists have criticized the open letter by actress Catherine Deneuve and other eminent Frenchwomen about men being unfairly targeted in the post-Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo movement era.

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Macron takes the reins when it comes to EU-China relations

With his brown hair and youthful step, he came to China Monday on a special plane, ready to win over President Xi Jinping and cement a new era of France-China relations.


ICE raids target 7-Eleven employees across the nation

21 people have been arrested after the largest crackdown of the Trump era


10 retro hotels in Los Angeles

Many travelers to Los Angeles are looking for a dose of nostalgia — a magical bygone era that evokes Tinseltown’s golden days.        


Life behind the Iron Curtain

Stepping into the Wende Museum in Los Angeles is like traveling through time, right back to the Cold War era.


Look at past inter-Korean summits during era of detente

The leaders of the two Koreas have met only twice for summit talks during their 70 years of division along the world's most heavily fortified border.

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MH370: 'No find, no fee' search

The Malaysian government has awarded a "no-find, no-fee" contract to a private US-based tech company to resume the search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370, one of the most enduring aviation mysteries of the modern era.

United States

Trump's EPA aims to replace Obama-era climate, water regulations in 2018

The EPA will replace Obama-era carbon and clean water regulations and open up a debate on climate change in 2018.


Cramer lists 6 tailwinds for consumer-related stocks

Jim Cramer made the bull case for consumer stocks in a defining era for traditional retailers.

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Interest rates shoot higher amid worries the central bank easy money party is over

The bond market is getting a wake up call from central banks that the era of easy money and super low interest rates is coming to an end.

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Why the Red Carpet Is Important in the #MeToo Era

It seems so painfully obvious now, in the #MeToo era, that to ask a woman only about what she’s wearing, and then to turn to the man next to her and ask him nothing about his clothing, and everything about his work, is sexist, reductive and diminis

United States

Former 'cocaine cowboy' pilot on trial in auto fraud case

The trial in an auto fraud case has begun for a pilot who flew loads of drugs for Colombian cartels during Miami's "cocaine cowboys" era.


Silicon Valley Reconsiders the iPhone Era It Created

A tussle between prominent investors and Apple over iPhone use by young people comes amid a nascent re-evaluation of the smartphone’s social consequences within the industry that spawned it.


MSNBC star Mika Brzezinski's jet-setting friends are 'embarrassed' to be from America

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski said her jet-setting friends are embarrassed to be Americans while discussing if there was any reason for optimism in the Trump era on Monday.

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