Uber Crash Highlights Growing Safety Concern: Pedestrians

A deadly crash in Arizona involving an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber Technologies Inc. spotlights a pedestrian-safety problem that is getting increasingly worse in an era of constant smartphone use and a surge in impaired driving.


Qatar looks to Asia for investment in its new post-blockade era

Qatar is looking to Asia for foreign investment in a "new era" for the country, following the blockade by a number of major Arab nations in June last year.


Rare Photo Shows Babe Ruth Signing A Snowball

An extremely rare news service photo from 1927 features Babe Ruth pretending to sign a snowball. He was the most prolific autograph signer of his era or perhaps any era.


Israeli production company launches undercover reality TV show for the #MeToo era

An Israeli production company is launching a reality TV show for the #MeToo era.

Formula 1

Why ageing Hamilton needs to dig deeper than ever

History bestows on us perspective; it permits us to slice and dice events into neat and easily-labelled compartments. The history of grand prix racing is no exception, wafting gracefully from clearly-defined era to clearly-defined era.But that perspective


Insurers hail end of 'crash for cash' whiplash claims amid Government clampdown

Insurance giants are hoping to see the back of "easy payday" whiplash claims after the Government unveiled new rules aimed at deterring fraudsters.


Soviet-era scientist says he helped create poison in UK spy attack row

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A Cold War-era scientist acknowledged on Tuesday he had helped create the nerve agent that Britain says was used to poison an ex-spy and his daughter, contradicting Moscow's insistence that neither Russia nor the Soviet Union ever had s


Bitcoin's rough patch looks like the Nasdaq during the tech bubble — except it's moving 15 times faster

Bitcoin fell as much as 70% from its mid-December high through its recent early-February low. The cryptocurrency's price chart mirrors that of the Nasdaq Composite Index during the dotcom bubble era, but there's a catch. Historical fluctuations in the Nas


Autonomous snow ploughs clear the way for reliable winter air travel

Driverless snow ploughs have been successfully tested on an airport runway for the first time, potentially heralding a new era in autonomous snow clearing.


Supreme Court’s First Abortion Case Of The Trump Era Has Arrived

The high court will decide whether Christian pregnancy centers have a right to mislead women.


The £800million M4 smart motorway upgrade won’t get extra emergency areas because it’s ‘too late’ – but it won’t be finished for FOUR YEARS

A £862MILLION project to upgrade the M4 won’t get extra spots for striken drivers to stop despite safety concerns. Highways England admitted it was “too late” to install more emergency refuge areas (ERA) on the revamped motorway –


Bill Gates says this new book is his all-time favorite — and it reveals a striking change in the death risks Americans face

Bill Gates' new favorite book is "Enlightenment Now" by Steven Pinker. Pinker's book makes a case that rational thought and scientific inquiry are constantly improving the world. We're living in the safest era of human history, according to Pinker's

Formula 1

The details that reveal Mercedes' aero push

Four consecutive drivers' and constructors' titles might make that seem obvious, but Mercedes has had to react after a renewed Ferrari threat last year and Red Bull's progression in the second half of the campaign.Mercedes has taken plenty of plaudits for

United Kingdom

‘Wild West’ era for tech giants like Facebook and Google is OVER, minister warns

THE ‘Wild West’ era for technology firms like Facebook and Google is over, the Cabinet minister responsible for overseeing them warns today. Following claims that the details of 50 million Facebook users had been improperly harvested for political ana

United Kingdom

Snowflakes make bonkers claim that lessons are racist because football, rugby and cricket are hangovers from the Empire

SCHOOL PE lessons are racist, a bonkers taxpayer-funded study claims. Football, rugby and cricket are all hangovers from the Empire and favour white students, the authors say. The 20-page report says the games were developed by “white privileged males


Why investors are betting South Africa's new leadership can make it a 'good place to put money'

Investors are hoping Cyril Ramaphosa can bring stability to what was once one of the world's top performing markets.

United States

Rumored site of $55M in Civil War-era gold draws FBI's attention, reports say

Dozens of FBI agents, Pennsylvania state officials and members of a treasure-hunting group dug in a remote Pennsylvania site earlier this week, on rumors of Civil War-era gold being buried there.


Disappointing photos show what cruise ships actually look like in real life

Shutterstock Promotional photos of cruise ships don't show the crowds. The accommodations might be smaller and more cramped than you thought you were getting. The ports aren't always glamorous, either. Cruises can be a blissful escape for travelers of


F1 breaks new ground with first global marketing campaign

LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One is distancing itself further from the Bernie Ecclestone era by launching a paid-for global marketing campaign for the first time.


U.S. appeals court voids Obama-era 'fiduciary rule'

(Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Thursday voided the U.S. Department of Labor's "fiduciary rule," which had been adopted in 2016 under the Obama administration to curb conflicts of interest...


The shale boom is 100 million years in the making

Reuters Volcanic eruptions from when  dinosaurs existed created the natural material shale producers now rely on. This started 100 million years ago. The great oil and gas formations that U.S. shale drillers thrive on have reportedly been traced b


Funky town: Chicago nightclubs in the 1970s – in pictures

Before a career photographing the likes of Oprah and Steve Jobs for major US publications, the late Michael Abramson headed to Chicago’s South Side and documented the wild parties of the funk and disco era Continue reading...


Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died at age 76

Stephen Hawking has died at age 76. Hawking, a theoretical physicist, made several discoveries that transformed the way scientists viewed black holes and the universe. Hawking was known to infuse humor and wit to bridge the gap in otherwise complicated su

TV & Radio

“Hap and Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo”: A dance with racial toxicity

Season 3 of SundanceTV's drama pits our heroes against the Klan in a 1989 plagued by the same problems of our era


Universe, an Instagram for building mobile websites, nabs funding from YC

As social media sites grow more massive and all-encompassing, one startup is looking to bring back the friendly customization of Myspace to a new generation of users looking to define their online presence in a unique way. Universe is a mobile-based webs


Let it hang: ​this is the era of awesome earring​s

The 90s had shoes, the 00s had handbags and we’re living through the decade of the earring. From studs to chandeliers, multi-drops to mismatches, anything goesThe most important accessory of now says as much about you as the newspaper you read or where


German tabloid Bild hails 'end of an era' as it drops topless models

Germany’s biggest selling newspaper will “say goodbye” to its decades-long practice of featuring topless female models, it announced on Monday.


In 2018, Blockchain Will Usher In A New Era Of Proptech

Commercial real estate organizations and industry members ought to have blockchain on their radar. Here's why.


Is it the end of the Castro era?

Cuba is about to get a new president, and it will not be a Castro after nearly 60 years of their leadership.

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