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Emmerdale fans bewildered over 'ridiculous' Debbie and Joe storyline: 'Makes no sense'

EMMERDALE left its viewers rather confused following tonight's shocking episode.

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Emmerdale viewers horrified as Lisa Dingle breaks the family code by calling the police on Liv Flaherty

EMMERDALE viewers are furious at Lisa Dingle for breaking the Dingle code and calling the police on Liv Flaherty. The factory worker – who is played by actress Jane Cox in the ITV soap – seemingly reported schoolgirl Liv to the police for spik

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Emmerdale spoilers: Joe Tate makes bizarre confession to Debbie Dingle - what’s going on?

EMMERDALE fans have been left utterly bewildered tonight after Joseph Tate made a bizarre confession to Debbie Dingle, after blackmailing her over the horrific acid attack which left Ross Barton scarred.

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Emmerdale cleared by Ofcom after 366 people complain over Ross Barton’s acid attack storyline

EMMERDALE has been cleared by Ofcom after 366 people complained over tragic scenes that saw Ross Barton fall victim to a vile acid attack. Despite the large number of complaints, the TV regulatory body has decided not to take any further action. Fans comp


'Emmerdale' Cleared By Ofcom After 366 Complaints Over Acid Attack Scenes

‘Emmerdale’is in the clear after receiving more than 300Ofcom complaints about controversial acid attackscenes. In total, 366 viewers lodged a complaint with the TV watchdog, after character Ross Barton had acid thrown in his face du

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SPOILER ALERT – Are Emmerdale’s Laurel and Bob at it again?

They’re like magnets, Bob and Laurel, they just can’t resist each other, however much they – and Brenda – try. And as Brenda gets all Bridezilla about their wedding plans, it’s driving Bob further towards the woman he really loves: Laurel. This


Emmerdale babe victim of intimate iCloud hack

AN Emmerdale actress has become the latest star to have intimate pictures appear online.

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Pregnant wife of ex Emmerdale star Adam Thomas reveals HMRC tax scam conman claimed she’d be JAILED for five years unless she gave him her bank details

FORMER soap star Adam Thomas’ heavily pregnant wife has told how she was snared by a conman who threatened her with jail in a “frightening” tax scam. Caroline Thomas, who married the ex Emmerdale actor in August 2017, said she was nearly

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SPOILER ALERT – Emmerdale’s Cain wants deadly revenge

We always knew he was a wicked soul, but after blackmailing Debbie to get back together with her – using an already desolate Ross as a pawn in his latest power game – Joe has shown his true colours. Ross is heartbroken that Debbie has shunned his decl

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Emmerdale spoilers: Soap rocked by another 'incestuous' romance

EMMERDALE viewers are seriously unimpressed with Debbie Dingle .

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Emmerdale viewers devastated for Ross Barton after Debbie Dingle cruelly reveals she’s back with Joe Tate

EMMERDALE viewers were devastated for Ross Barton tonight after Debbie Dingle revealed she’s back with her ex Joe Tate. The acid attack victim lay in his hospital bed following a skin graft while Joe, who’s blackmailing Debbie after he discove

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Emmerdale spoilers: Joseph Tate set for death as Cain Dingle discovers Debbie blackmail?

EMMERDALE super villain Joseph Tate seems to have everything he wants right now as he sets about blackmailing former flame Debbie Dingle into being in a relationship with him again, however his happiness might be short-lived.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster takes down Joseph Tate in heroic Debbie Dingle U-turn

EMMERDALE fans were stunned last night as Graham Foster finally took down Joseph Tate after the elusive businessman accused him of being involved in Ross Barton’s acid attack.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Joe Tate to DIE as Cain Dingle takes revenge?

EMMERDALE villain Joe Tate may be facing a sticky end after his nasty revenge scheme o Debbie Dingle is exposed.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Chas and Paddy to raise baby abroad?

CHAS Dingle and Paddy Kirk finally came to a decision over the future of their expanding family tonight.

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Emmerdale’s viewers delighted as Chas Dingle keeps her baby and decides against the abortion

EMMERDALE fans have been left delighted as Chas Dingle decided to have the baby in tonight’s episode. The pub landlady – who is played by actress Lucy Pargeter in the ITV soap – found that she couldn’t go through with the terminati

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Who is Isabel Hodgins? Emmerdale star who witnessed Manchester terror attack suicide bombing at Ariana Grande gig

EMMERDALE star Isabel Hodgins has revealed the horrors inside the Manchester bombing that took place after an Ariana Grande gig on May 22. Here’s where you might recognise her from, and what she saw… Who is Isabel Hodgins? What’s her bac

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Emmerdale spoilers: Shock cast death to rock the Dales?

A BELOVED member of the Emmerdale castes about to make a shock exit.

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