Trudeau: Toronto suffered 'senseless attack'

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says authorities see no national security element in the seeming attack on pedestrians in Canada's largest city. (April 24)        


The best recent crime novels – review roundup

The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly; The Hunger by Alma Katsu; Paper Ghosts by Julia Haeberlin; American by Day by Derek B Miller; Body & Soul by John HarveyA supernatural element has long been present in John Connolly’s excellent Charlie Parker


ADPVoice: Why You Need To Rethink Your Office Space

Studies show the open-office concept is distracting workers, given that most people talk about topics other than work with those around them. Noise is the No. 1 element that bothers employees about open offices. The results are lower productivity and high


London Marathon 2018 celebrity runners: Katie Price, Chris Evans and Gordon Ramsey take part in race for charity

Over the years celebrities have become an increasingly important part of the charity fund-raising element of the race and this year will be no different


Technology is fueling the growing demand for the once-obscure element cobalt

The growing demand for rechargeable batteries could lead to shortages in key materials.


Element wants to give identity to the whole world, raising $12M Series A

Who are you? That’s both an existential question, and also a very practical administrative concern. Today, identity is often exchanged through the use of government ID cards and official paperwork, but what happens when someone loses that paperwork or i


Cryptocurrencies lack one element needed to become a legitimate form of currency

Bitcoin can never be a real currency. It's supply is fixed, unlike bank credit for assets like homes and cars.  In theory, there could be cryptocurrencies that become reliable, but likely not. The ultimate dream of the crypto currency enthusiasts i


Trump isn't ruining the 'element of surprise' with Syria threats, experts say

Trump had criticized Obama for talking too much about attacks on ISIS, ruining 'element of surprise'        

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