One Key Trait of Successful Advisers and Investors

There's one surprising trait that's crucial to being a successful economic adviser, investor, or trader. Do you have it?


Finland’s story shows equality is the best route to happiness

The country named the world’s happiest in a UN report was relatively slow to recover after the financial crisisIf you can’t buy happiness, perhaps you should move to Helsinki. Finland has emerged from a 10-year economic depression to be ranked by the


Millions Of Americans Are Binge Drinking: Study

A new study finds that Americans binge-drink 17 billion drinks per year. And the health and economic costs are huge.


Can the red-blue partisan divide be overcome? Bernie Sanders thinks so

In a trip to deep-red Texas, Sanders argues that real economic populism can overcome partisanship. It won't be easy


Ombudsman: Kosovo must legalize Serbia's displaced Albanians

Kosovo's ombudsman has urged the government to issue residence papers for ethnic Albanians who have been displaced from neighboring Serbia for "security, social or economic reasons."


Over 100 countries agree to seek digital tax consensus by 2020: OECD

PARIS (Reuters) - Some 110 countries have agreed to work towards forming an international consensus by 2020 on how to tax digital businesses across borders, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said on Friday.


The 27 most 'miserable' countries in the world

AP/Yashiel Panchia A country's unemployment and inflation rates are strong indicators of how its economy is doing. Greece and Spain are among the most miserable countries in Europe by this economic measure, the "Misery Index." These are the 27 most "mise

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Portugal's flourishing tourism becomes economic mainstay

LISBON (Reuters) - Portugal's tourism boom has made the industry one of the biggest contributors to the national economy and the largest employer, with almost 1 million direct and indirect jobs, the...

United States

The corporate media ignores the rise of oligarchy. The rest of us shouldn't | Bernie Sanders

We need to hear from struggling Americans whose stories are rarely told in newspapers or television. Until they are, we must tell these stories elsewhereThe rapid rise of oligarchy and wealth and income inequality is the great moral, economic, and politic


Trump administration visa plan threatens this 'critical pipeline of economic growth'

Killing the H-4 visa rule could create a harmful ripple effect across our workforce and economy, says Dean Garfield.


Four Characteristics Of a Rockstar Angel Investor

If entrepreneurs are the engines of economic growth,angel investors are the gasoline to the economic engine.


Tribal Economic Development Aspirations: Analyzing Senator Warren's Recent Speech To Indian Country

By working with tribal governments to develop smart regulations and policies that foster growth in enterprise, tribes can use business revenues to fund vital social programs.


Peter Thiel: 'There are no successful tech companies in Europe'

Neilson Barnard/GettyTechnology investor Peter Thiel said on Thursday that "there are no successful tech companies in Europe" and blamed Europe's ongoing efforts to regulate tech companies on jealousy of larger companies in the US. The Guardian reports th


‘He wants everything, and it’s hard to get everything:’ The trilemma at the heart of Trump’s economic plans will define 2019

President Trump faces a "trilemma" in achieving his economic aims in the White House, Dutch bank ING says. Trump's three main economic aims — a strong domestic economy, a weaker US dollar, and continued low borrowing costs — are fundamentally


Mid Wales growth deal: 'No doubt about ambition'

A Wales Office minister meets local leaders to check progress on ideas for an economic growth deal.


Europe's Defense Spending Continues to Miss Trump's 2% Target

Most of Europe’s increased military spending hasn’t kept pace with resurgent economic growth, creating new hurdles for U.S. President Donald Trump’s push that all members must spend 2% of their economic output on defense.


'Trump’s agenda is anti-growth': Trump's new economic adviser in his own words

Larry Kudlow, Trump’s pick as chief economic adviser, has a history of radically different views to the president’s on the economyLarry Kudlow, the CNBC commentator who has agreed to serve as Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser, has a rich history


Trump’s new economic adviser Larry Kudlow doesn’t know economics

On tax cuts, inflation and the recession, Kudlow was spectacularly wrong


U.S. job market tightening, inflation steadily rising

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell last week, pointing to sustained labor strength even as economic growth appears to have slowed early in the first quarter.


Jobless claims fall as labor market strengthens

Jobless claims fell last week, pointing to sustained labor strength even as economic growth appears to have slowed early in the first quarter.


Trump touts new White House economic adviser Kudlow

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday named conservative commentator Larry Kudlow as his choice to lead the National Economic Council, one day after the CNBC contributor made the announcement on-air.


10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, EFX)

Here is what you need to know.  Trump picks his new top economic adviser. CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow, who was previously a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, worked in the Reagan administration, and was chief econom


We know what’s wrong with the UK economy. Now it’s time to fix it | Larry Elliott

A decade on from the crash and with the Brexit fog clearing, there’s an opportunity to make real and lasting changeOne of the many lessons learned since the world plunged into economic crisis a decade ago is that forecasts need to be taken with a large


Who is Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic aide?

Economic analyst Larry Kudlow accepted President Trump’s offer of White House National Economic Council director, Fox News has learned.


Kudlow says he favors a strong dollar, has no reason to believe Trump isn't for one either

President Trump's new top economic advisor Kudlow believes that good economic policy includes a "sound, strong dollar."

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Trump's next top economic adviser is a TV pundit

President Donald Trump will name Larry Kudlow, the conservative media analyst who served as his informal economic adviser during the 2016 campaign, the next head of the White House National Economic Council, a source familiar with the decision tells CNN.


Kudlow Accepts Post as White House Economic Adviser

Lawrence Kudlow, a conservative economic commentator whose career included jobs in the White House, Wall Street, and media, will become one of President Donald Trump’s top economic advisers.


CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as Trump's top economic adviser

Larry Kudlow will replace Gary Cohn as President Donald Trump's top economic adviser. Kudlow was a staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, worked in the Reagan administration, and was chief economist for Bear Stearns. Kudlow joined CNBC i


Trump is eyeing TV pundit Larry Kudlow for top economic advisor role

Larry Kudlow is best-known as the host of CNBC's "The Kudlow Report," and for his frequent incorrect predictions

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