Heart-stopping moment woman jumps into icy lake to save dog from frozen water

A WOMAN risked her life to save a freezing pooch after it fell through the ice on a lake in Vancouver. Launching herself into the bitterly cold water, the unidentified heroine stormed towards the stranded dog and dragged her back to safety. Dog walkers we


Olympian Gus Kenworthy Is Bringing Home a Dog From PyeongChang

Kenworthy also brought stray dogs to the United States when he was in Sochi


Huskies blamed for livestock attacks after Game of Thrones prompts wolf craze

The shaggy coat and snarling teeth of the mythical direwolf are a familiar sight to many in Britain, after seven seasons of the hit show Game of Thrones brought the enormous beasts to UK screens.


Models walked the Tod’s runway with puppies at Milan Fashion Week

Gotta say, those pups are really distracting us from the clothes.

United Kingdom

Ex-police officer’s fight for new law to honour heroic dog Finn who saved his life in knife attack

AS he felt the ten-inch hunting knife drive deep into his chest, police dog Finn did not waver. He was determined to save his master from the attacker, and had no thought for himself. When the teenager pulled the blade out of the dog’s body and lunged w


Why General Mills Is Paying Up for a Dog's Breakfast

The cereal and ice cream maker needs to shift to protein and is buying Blue Buffalo Pet Products, a purveyor of high-protein, natural pet foods, to do it.


Girl, 12, ripped to pieces by pack of stray dogs while walking home from school

Her parents discovered her dismembered body when she failed to return home.

Top News

12-year-old girl ripped apart by stray dogs on her way home from school

Liza Kanareikina was found ravaged and dismembered after not returning from her daily walk home, which passes through a wooded area in Donetsk, Ukraine.


Emotional support dog ‘bites child on plane’

Unlike guide dogs, support animals do not require training.


The 'revenge of Johnny Depp's dogs'

The past of Australian deputy PM comes back to bite him on social media after he announces his resignation.


Hero climber rescued two dogs stranded for 48 hours up a freezing mountain

A HERO climber rescued two dogs stranded for 48 hours up a freezing mountain. Cash the terrier and Lilah the Alsatian got lost in blizzards near the top of a 3,117ft peak. Owner Colette Kilroy, 27, feared the worst after taking them up Helvellyn in the La


Inside the blood-soaked animal death matches where dogs and wild boars rip each other to pieces as massive crowds egg them on in Indonesia

THESE are the shocking images of horrific death matches between wild pitbulls and boars. Gruesome photographs show dogs viciously attacking the boars during staged events in Indonesia with crowds of up 400 people cheering them on. The sick sport is known


Dutch Speed Skater Jan Blokhuijsen Apologizes After Criticizing South Korea Dog Consumption

A Dutch speed skater apologized after he caused an uproar with comments he made regarding South Korea's dog meat consumption. Jan Blokhuijsen, of the Netherlands, issued a statement Thursday after he criticized the Winter Olympics' host country. "Please t


Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen ignites backlash after telling South Koreans to 'please treat dogs better'

Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen apologized Thursday after igniting the wrath of many South Koreans by lecturing the Winter Olympics host country to “please treat dogs better" -- a reference to the nation's (mostly bygone) history of eating dog meat.

Showbiz & TV

Nicole Appleton keeps a low profile as she walks her dogs in London after being pictured on cosy night out with Paddy McGuinness

NICOLE Appleton has been pictured walking her dogs after returning home to London after fleeing the country to escape the whirlwind surrounding her night out with Paddy McGuiness. The All Saints singer looked sombre – dressed in black clothes, dark


IKEA is launching new vegetarian hotdogs and they’ll be available this summer

Although most of us go to IKEA for the furniture, there’s no denying that finishing a three hour long walk in the mega-store with one of their hot dogs is a great part of the experience. Luckily, more of us will be able to join in at the IKEA kitche


Woman killed after being bitten in throat by pet pit bulls

Bethany Stephens was out on a walk with the dogs when they attacked


North Wales Police record 50 livestock attack dogs shot

Police seek greater powers to obtain DNA from dogs suspected of committing attacks.


Dogs kept in 'horrendous' conditions in Aveley and Barking

Two women admit keeping 76 dogs and puppies in dirty and unsuitable conditions.


Former soldier with a grudge against dogwalkers 'murdered' complete stranger, court hears

A former soldier who had a grudge against dog walkers murdered a complete stranger after a little voice in his head told him to kill someone, a court heard.


Man falls 500ft to his death trying to keep his dog safe

The grieving dog was found pacing in the area and barking

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