These are the most corrupt countries in the Western world

Transparency International has published the latest edition of its Corruption Perceptions Index, a global ranking of fairness across the world. Countries are given a score out of 100, with low-scoring countries the most corrupt. The data was produced prod


Google’s Cloud IoT Core is now generally available

 Cloud IoT Core, Google’s fully managed service for connecting, managing and ingesting data from IoT devices, is now out of beta and generally available. Google envisions the service, which launched in public beta last September, as the first


Calling citizen scientists: more data needed to protect echidnas

These masters of disguise are some of the world’s oldest surviving mammals, but they are threatened by habitat loss, traffic and feral cats – and they need our helpThey may be one of the world’s oldest surviving mammals – around for at least 25m y


Crunchbase opens a marketplace for 3rd-party data in bid to be the ‘master database for companies’

 Last year, when tech-company database Crunchbase (once a part of TechCrunch but since spun out) announced a funding round of $18 million, it previewed plans for a new marketplace where it would sell access to third-party data to supplement its own i


Mark Cavendish crashes out of Abu Dhabi Tour before the race has even started

MARK CAVENDISH crashed out of the Abu Dhabi Tour before the race had even begun. The Brit, 32, was in the neutral zone at the start of the opening stage when he was involved in a pile-up. And Cavendish has suffered a concussion, according to his Dimens


Jeff Sessions Launches Effort To Better Combat Global Cyber Threats

The task force will examine use of the internet to spread violent ideologies and recruit followers, and how hackers breach private corporate and government data.


Stronger euro hits eurozone's momentum

Momentum has slowed slightly in the the biggest eurozone economies, Germany and France, and across the 19-country economic bloc, according to data released on Wednesday.

United States

US stocks set for a weak open, as corporate earnings trickle in

U.S. stock index futures fell into the red ahead of Wednesday’s open, extending losses seen in the previous trading session.

United States

US Treasury yields slip ahead of Fed minutes

U.S. government debt prices were slightly higher on Wednesday.


Broadband speeds in the US are slower than in almost every other country

Broadband speeds are lagging in the US. A recent report reveals that the US ranked 62nd out of 88 countries around the world for 4G download speeds. As show in this chart by Statista, based on data from Open Signal, the speed of an average broadband downl


New Wine And New Bottles: The Promise Of Research In The Age Of Big Data

Digital tools and big data enable us to get out of the lab to study and address our most urgent social problems more rigorously--but not without controversy. A new book from Matthew Salganik offers ethical guideposts and helpful instructions for navigatin


Surge In Transmission Spending Draws Scrutiny In New England

Utilities spent a staggering $22 billion on expanding the nation’s transmission grid in 2016, according to data collected by federal regulators. But now some groups are complaining that the price tag is higher than it should be.


New data shows Netflix's number of movies has gone down by thousands of titles since 2010 — but its TV catalog size has soared

NetflixNetflix has focused significantly more on television than movies in recent years.New data from third-party Netflix search engine Flixable shows that the amount of TV on Netflix has nearly tripled since 2010.The number of movies, meanwhile, has gone

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Democrats demand Equifax extend protection for consumers

Democrats pressed Equifax to extend consumer protections for millions of Americans after last year's massive data breach.

United States

US Treasury yields rise as inflation fears linger; 2-year yield hits 2008 high

U.S. government debt yields rose on Tuesday after hotter-than-expected global data and key Treasury auctions.


How To Successfully Weaponize Your Data

The key to beating your competition is having better data — not necessarily more of it, but the data your competitors do not have.


European markets seen higher as global rebound continues; euro zone discusses next ECB deputy

Equities in Europe are seen higher on Monday as global sentiment continues to rebound.

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Thousands of California state employees, contractors' sensitive data exposed in security breach

"We take the security of personally identifiable information very seriously," California's Department of Fish and Wildlife said.


Tech industry warns ministers not to drop EU data security laws

The British tech industry has issued a stark warning to leading Brexiteer ministers that diverging from EU data protection standards after Brexit will “undermine” the UK’s status as Europe’s leading tech hub.


The Deeply Human Core of Roche's $2.1B Tech Acquisition - And Why They Did It

Flatiron’s key insight was that, in cancer, half or more of the most important data in health records isn’t in structured data fields, but rather in unstructured data, the free text fields of pathology reports and clinical notes, and extracting this i


Disturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100

The world's oceans levels are rising at faster and faster rates as waters warm and ice sheets melt. Researchers, led by University of Colorado-Boulder professor Steve Nerem, looked at satellite data dating back to 1993 to track the rise of sea levels. The


Apocalypse now for Britain’s retailers as low wages and the web cause ruin

Big-name stores are teetering on the brink. Without radical action to bring back shoppers, UK high streets will be wrecked“Who’d be a retailer now?” That was the comment from City economist Jeremy Cook when the latest set of grim retail sales data w

United States

Putin’s chef, a troll farm and Russia's plot to hijack US democracy

Robert Mueller has revealed audacious meddling in the 2016 election. Can he link it to Trump?The plot against America began in 2014. Thousands of miles away, in a drab office building in St Petersburg, Russia, a fake newsroom was under construction with i


Brexit spy deal hopes rise as German and French security chiefs beg EU to keep sharing data

BRITISH  hopes of  a Brexit security deal rose last night as French and German spy chiefs begged the EU to keep sharing data. In a rare joint statement, MI6 chief Alex Younger and his two Continental counterparts said co-operation between  agencies was

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