Enthused by Wi-Fi hotspots, Cubans clamor for more Internet access

HAVANA (Reuters) - At dusk, when the worst of the Caribbean heat has subsided, parks around Cuba fill with families video chatting with loved ones abroad or scrolling through social media, their animated faces lit by telephone and tablet screens.

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Lessons From Cuba For Real Estate Investors In New And Emerging Markets

It’s not always as "simple" as building a company. In some cases, an investor needs to help form the industry they want to emerge in.


Graffiti set design adds punch to Cuba theater festival

HAVANA (Reuters) - A play parodying the lengths some Cubans will go to in order to earn a few tourist dollars set against the backdrop of socially critical graffiti is adding punch to Havana’s annual theater festival.


Who killed JFK? The great-grandfather whose testimony throws new light on the 20th century's biggest conspiracy

With Donald Trump set to release classified documents this week, the last living link to the assassination of JFK has finally spoken out – and he has dropped a bombshell


Total Number of U.S. Victims in Cuba Attacks Rises to 24

The State Department is increasing the official tally from 22 to 24

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U.S. says 24 people harmed from recent 'attacks' in Cuba

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department confirmed on Friday that 24 people have suffered health effects from "attacks" in Cuba earlier this year against diplomatic personnel and that an investigation is ongoing.


US tourists may have been exposed to the Cuba sonic attack

The State Department has received reports of several citizens who visited Cuba and say they've developed symptoms similar to what embassy victims experienced.


Man sues airline for not serving Champagne

The passenger is seeking financial compensation and damages in a lawsuit the airline calls 'frivolous'


Cuban food output stagnates, may decline in 2017

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban food output stagnated during the first half of 2017, the government reported this week, and may decline this year because of damage from Hurricane Irma.

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Is this audio injuring US staff in Cuba?

The Associated Press obtained recording of the sound that some US diplomats claim to have heard in Cuba as part of sonic attacks.


Trump blames Cuba for mysterious attack on US diplomats

President Donald Trump said Monday that he does "believe Cuba is responsible" for the mysterious attacks that sickened at least 22 US diplomats and family members in Havana.


Trump says he believes Cuba responsible for attacks that hurt U.S. diplomats

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Monday that he believes Havana is responsible for a series of incidents that Washington thinks hurt at least 22 U.S. diplomats over a period of months in Cuba, prompting Washington to scale back its pr


How the Fast & Furious franchise became the first – and maybe last – US film to shoot in Cuba

IF Fast & Furious 8 was a video postcard of the city of Havana it would be silly for others to move on.


US releases recording of 'sonic weapon attack' used against diplomats in Cuba

At least 22 people have been hurt by the mysterious high pitched sound

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Is this the sound that made Cuba embassy staff sick?

A new audio recording said to capture what was heard by some US embassy workers amid a series of attacks on American diplomats in Cuba is adding another layer of intrigue around the mysterious incidents that sickened at least 22 US diplomats and family me

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U.S. to maintain Cuba, Venezuela sanctions until freedoms restored: Trump

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday the United States would maintain sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela until they restore political and religious freedom.


Is this the sound of US diplomats under 'sonic attack' in Cuba?

Listen carefully and you can make out slight undulations in a high-pitched whine, like the output of of a swarm of electronic crickets, perhaps.


Ernesto Guevara: How my father inspired my Cuban motorcycle tours

Fifty years after Che Guevara's death, his son takes the BBC on a motorcycle tour of Cuba.


Likely successor to Cuba's Castro rejects U.S. demands for change

HAVANA (Reuters) - The man forecast to replace Cuban President Raul Castro early next year rejected U.S. demands that the Communist-run country change its political and economic system.

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